Tarot Talk

The Star (17)


“Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality.” ~ L. J. Suenens

Image Description:

The Rider-Waite deck depicts a nude woman kneeling near a pond with one foot submerged in the water. She is pouring crystal clear water from two jugs into the pond and onto the ground. In a cloudless sky a grouping of stars shine above her, bathing the countryside in light. Flowers grow on the bank, and an Ibis is perched in the branches of a nearby tree.


Star: Hope, wish fulfillment, guiding light

Seven Stars: Seven main chakras, seven ancient planets

Five Rivulets of Water: The five senses

One Foot in Water, One Foot on Land: Spirit/subconscious (water) and material/conscious (land)

Water: The subconscious mind

Ibis perched in a Tree: Thought and mind

Key Words:

Hope, Inspiration, Rejuvenation, Faith, Tranquility

Fool’s Journey:

Having weathered the storm the Fool sits by a nearby pond with a feeling of emptiness, as if he has lost everything, including his faith. Gazing up at the night sky he wonders what is left. It is then that the sound of pouring water draws his attention. His eyes seek the source and he observes a nude woman emptying the contents of two urns onto the land and into the water. The Fool watches, inspired by the sense of tranquility this simply act brings him. Much like the land and water the woman is nourishing, he, too, feels as if he is being rejuvenated. Embracing a renewed sense of hope, he rises and resumes his journey, using the stars in the sky as his guide.


To learn how to renew oneself after experiencing difficult events, and to recognize and follow our higher purpose in life.


Throughout the ages people have looked upon the star as a signpost and symbol for guidance, inspiration, and hope. In biblical theology, three wise men saw a star they believed foretold the birth of Jesus. In Arthurian mythos, a star in the shape of a dragon shot across the sky signifying the future King of Britain had been born. Even now, in modern times, people have been known to ‘wish upon a star’, believing stars to be lucky.

In readings, the Star can be a welcomed symbol of hope and rejuvenation when grief and despair has overwhelmed us. When we need it the most, an unexpected blessing can instill within us a new sense of purpose, inspiring us to reach for our dreams during our bleakest moments. The Star encourages us to believe in our heart’s desire and our most cherishes wishes; anything is possible as long as we have hope.

The Star can also indicate a period of tranquility and serenity. When we free ourselves of the negative emotions and residue that life’s struggles create, we can experience a measure of confidence and the assurance that all in life is good.  By opening our minds to righteousness and faith, new opportunities and possibilities can arise giving us a deeper understanding of true inner peace.