Welcome, Letter From the Assistant Editor

During this past month, Pagan Pages received several emails on our myspace account from an employee seeking our assistance in boycotting a store.  She stated several reasons for her boycott, but only one reason was really true and it had nothing to do with wearing a pentagram. For legal reasons that is all I can say regarding that issue.

It is our understanding that the comments were then posted on another forum and was left for discussion without the forum really knowing if the facts were true or not.  For those that knew of this situation, realize we have been in contact with the company there I can assure you there is no witch hunt going on here.  This appears to be more a case of an upset individual choosing to vent their frustrations via myspace and blogs rather than talking directly with their employer.

The problem with the myspace and forums and other types of internet media is that it is all to easy to post a subject especially if one is upset and use that forum to try and hurt another without thinking of the consequences afterwards.  Sure we all want our 15 minutes of fame, but really at what cost are we willing to go that far.

The company mentioned in this case is one that is focused on music and pop culture – both apparel and accessories.  It is one of the few stores you will walk into where employees will have not only tattoos, many piercings (eyebrows, lips, belly rings, nose rings, etc.) unusual hair color, collars, and each individual is allowed to express themselves.  Yet at the same time they do have a high standard where their employees are not allow to discuss drugs, alcohol, personal items or sex while on the job that includes if the store is open or closed.  If they are on the clock they are working and the personnel policies apply at all times.

Some things are not as they seem.  Some people get angry for getting caught doing something they should not have done and react in a way they should not have.  We all make mistakes.  Unfortunately in this case, instead of the employee going to HR and following procedures, they went to the Internet and this case got blown out of proportion.  As of this date, it is this reporter’s understanding that everything has been worked out and the dress code is as it always has been, for there never a reason to change it from the start.