July, 2009

Merry Meet & Welcome

July, 2009

Welcome to the July Issue of PaganPages Magazine.

We have been revamping the magazine for all our loyal readers to help make it easier to navigate and even more informative!  This month we will premier our new Front Page!  Our front page will now not only tell you what is great inside the issue but it will also have the monthly horoscope and a monthly prayer, mantra, or blessing.  You will notice these new additions at the bottom of this page after the scoop of what’s exciting this issue.  If you have a prayer, mantra, or blessing you would like to submit to PaganPages email it to [email protected]

This issue is packed full of surprises and great new ideas!

This month we feature  Helena Domenic. She shares her new tarot deck with us!


We have a new column and starting this month The Indigo Child.  Michele Burke will not only teach you about what an Indigo Child is, but she will answer all and any questions you may have.

We have the return of a much loved column, The Witch’s Cupboard, Mary D’alba feature the attributes, from practical to magickal, of an herb a month.

This month also begins our newest adult only column Sexual Magick.  You will learn all there is to know about this form of energy.

We have a surprise treat for all our readers,


An Interview with Raven Grimassi!!

Now for our newest features:

Monthly Horoscope

cancer2 leo2

July Monthly horoscope 2009 for Cancer and Leo (22 June – 22 August)
Beginning on the 22nd of June you Cancers will be full of life this month; however for all you efforts you will get little in return for your efforts. This will be frustrating at first but by the end of the month you will find the solution to the problem. You will tend to get annoyed easily but don’t let the heat get to you, stay calm. Evenings are when you will shine so get plenty of rest for your late July nights

Beginning on the 22nd of July you Leos will be at your most charming. Your smooth talking way will help you out of trouble on many levels this month. You love attention and there will be no shortage of this, so be generous with the complements. You will be on cloud 9 and it will show. Romance will be coming your way this month perhaps in a foreign place. Maybe even an Independence Day romance or a dreamy interlude abroad, so except a good time in July.
By: Michele Burke

Monthly Prayer

A Qabalistic prayer to the Highest Siphiroth:

Eheyeh! Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh!
Help me become a worthy receptacle
For Your Holy Illumination.
Fill me with Your Light Divine
So that I may shine like a lantern
And help light the Way
For all who wander in Darkness.

Submitted by: Simon Jester

Simon Jester:  I am a professional psychotherapist who has been practicing ritual magic since 1968. I am happily married for the second time, have a son, and share my home with 12 pet rats, two tarantulas, a frog, a rabbit, a snake, and a dog!

Mail your prayers, mantras, or blessings to [email protected]

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Featured Crafter James M. Sutter

July, 2009


James M. Sutter (Jimmy)

52 years old, born in Queens, NY

Living in the DFW Metroplex of Texas

Twice married and divorced, currently in a serious relationship.

Children: 5 (Four girls and a boy)

Grandchildren: 5 (Four boys and a girl)


Two ancient pine trees watch the path to the clearing where the next full moon will bring ritual and celebration.

In 2006, when I turned 50, I started seriously examining my life and my beliefs. As a “recovering catholic”, I had serious doubts about the dogma I had been fed over the years, and through research and curiosity I started exploring the pagan path.

I joined a coven, and began my year and a day study. Although asked to initiate after that time, personal reasons precluded that happening. I am grateful for the experience though, and at times really miss my sisters from the coven.


This was done for a friend’s new house. He was just going through a relationship breakup, and starting out new. The scarab signifies his rebirth, and the tools to help him on the journey are all included, with the Eye of Horus watching over him for protection and all the knowlege hidden in the ancient pyramids at his disposal.

During that year of intense growth and introspection, I began some meditation that really began to almost overflow into waking dreams. Symbols and colors seemed to overwhelm me at times. Almost by accident one day, after painting the walls in my living room I needed to clean my brush. Since I was planning on painting the bathroom next, I went in and simply started wiping the brush on the wall, and there in front of me I saw the beginnings of what was to become my first “painting”. It was the symbol of the Goddess, and it started a whole project. At the urging of my girlfriend, Kathy, I continued going with what she called “spirit painting”, and melded meditation and painting into one. The results were the compilation of several meditative journeys, and allowed me to create a very personal “ritual room”, where daily I can reflect and think about where I stand in the big picture, while I get ready to face the outside world. Having never painted before, it was quite an experience.


This is one of my favorites, and influenced by my girlfriend, Kathy, who is of Native American descent. It reflects where I see us, as a planet, in the big picture of the cosmos. Where just a jewel in the middle of the dreamcatcher of the Gods.

From there, I was urged by my girlfriend to express myself further by exploring painting, and I gave it a go. My first attempt was a small canvas rendition of a cottage in the woods, and served to whet my appetite for painting in oils. Now, I almost always have a painting in some stage of completion on the easel. I don’t have a specific form or style. I just let my mind take the painting wherever it has to go.


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Gems of the Goddess

July, 2009

Epona:  Goddess of Horses, Fertility and Abundance

If you’re looking for a goddess that represents strength, femininity and fertility, look no further than Epona.  Epona is the Celtic Goddess of horses, donkey and mules and was called upon often to protect Calvary in Rome.   Born of a man and mare, she can take equine or human form.
She is known as the protector of horses, horse owners and stables.   There is evidence that Epona was painted on the side of barns and stables as protection to the horses and their riders.  She was most represented in Gaul but her influence is known across Europe, included being adapted by the Romans because horses were sacred to Romans.
Her name translates into “Divine Mare” or “Mare Goddess”.  She is the only goddess that is enshrined and worshipped in Rome as a triple goddess as Epona.   The Festival of Epona is held in Rome on December 18th to honor her.
She is also known as the bringer of dreams, good and bad. Epona can be involved to help heal nightmares in Children or for dream work.   When trying to receive messages or work with dreams for information, ask Epona to help.  Offer her roses to bring her closer.
She is also known as the goddess of fertility and abundance.   Epona links horses, divine and the feminine and is known to help souls take their final journey.
Epona is depicted riding a white horse, which signifies spiritual mastery and shows her high ranking among deities. She is oft en carrying a serpent, with a dog at her side and corn in her lap. Therefore, she is known for fertility and abundance because horses, especially male, are seen as potent sexual symbols so her riding it astride links her to sexuality and unlimited sexual performance.
Epona is also known to grant sovereignty on Celtic Kings and kings were married to her to obtain this sovereignty.
Some of Epona’s symbols are:

* Animals:  horses, donkeys, oxen, mules, birds and dogs
* Plants:  Roses, rosebuds
* Incense:  null, Rose
* Stones:  Carnelian, Moonstone, Chrysophase, Shiva Lingham, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz. Bloodstone, Unakite, Rhodonite, Garnet
* Fruits:  Apple or a basket of fruit

How can you bring Epona into your life?  Since she is the Goddess of horses, you can take horseback riding lessons or work with horses.   She is also associated with Fertility; you can create a cornucopia as a representation of her.   With her connection to sexuality, you can call on her to express and explore your sexuality deeper.
Work with Epona during your daily practices to bring in the elements of connecting to animals, the otherworld, fertility and sexuality.

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The Indigo Child

July, 2009

What is an Indigo Child?

It has been said that Indigo children display innovative and bizarre psychological attributes, which up until a relatively short time ago had not been documented. Many skeptics suggest that the indigo child is nothing more than a child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or some other type of mental disability but that could not be further than the truth. While yes some indigo children may well be diagnosed with ADHD the truth of the matter is that these children are just old souls striving to bring the world into the next level of human evolution. A majority of the indigo children posses what some would describe as paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and other psychic abilities and are generally more creative and empathetic than their non-indigo counterparts.

Now some of you might read this and say how does she know so much about indigo children any way? Well the answer to that is I am an indigo adult and am the mother of three indigo children each of whom are as different as night and day but are special n their own ways. My one son has been diagnosed with everything from ADHD to Asperger’s syndrome when in all actuality he is just a normal kid who happens to have been blessed with the gift of healing; while my other son who is now 21 years old and now an indigo adult has never suffered from any misdiagnosis and is a happily married man with a beautiful son but has the gift of clairvoyance and finally my 12 year old daughter  is generally a happy child but due to the constant ridicule of her peers at school and often times their parents she has  in the past suffered from severe migraines and depressive mood swings. However, after talking with a therapist who also happens to be an indigo adult she has been able to accept her gifts of clairaudience and now embraces her specialness.

How can you tell if Your Child or Yourself are Indigos’?

Below I have compiled a list of questions for you and your child to answer:

* Are you or your child always searching for your greater purpose in life but feel as if the world is not ready for you?
* Do you or your child sometimes feel wise beyond your earthly age?
* Do you or your child have trouble meeting the requirements of everyday society?
* Do you or your child often feel out of place in the world today?
* Do you or your child see the world exceptionally differently than most individual’s around you?
* Do you or your child have strong intuitions about things that the majority of others do not?
* Do you or your child often feel as if no one understands you when you try to express your feelings about what’s real?
* Are you or your child a seeker of the truth?
* Do you or your child feel as if you were born to achieve a special mission in life?
* Do you or your child feel cut off from the rest of the world when it comes to your beliefs?
* Are you or your child misunderstood by family and friends?
* Do you or your child more often than not feel unsociable except when you are with like minded individuals?
* Are you or your child emotionally sensitive?
* Did you or your child have a difficult childhood?
* Do you or child oftentimes feel disempowered by excessive authority?

If you or your child answered yes to at least 10 of these questions it is a very strong possibility that you too are Indigo and if that s the case embrace your gifts as they were given to you for a reason, a reason we may never know in this lifetime or even see come to pass but one day it will if not for us for our children.

New Indigo Child Advise Column Open Now…

At this time I would like to take the opportunity to let you the readers know that begging with this issue this Indigo Child Column will be a place where parents of Indigo Children as well as Indigo adults will be able to come for advice and or ask questions about the world of the Indigo and if need be connected with services in your area. To take advantage of this leave your questions or comments in the comment section below and I will do my very best to answer all your questions and post replies to the first three in each of the following issues.

Bountiful Blessings

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Elemental Perspectives

July, 2009

Are They Friendly Spirits, Rocky?

This is the fifth and last article in my Elementals Perspectives series for PaganPages.  The classical Elements of the ancients – Air, Fire, Water, and Earth – have served for ages as a model by which an ordered sense of the universe can be formulated.  This model has been used by magicians, philosophers, and scientists.  It is quite likely the seed of our modern sciences because it presents the notion that the world around us can be understood through observation of its parts and how they relate to one another.  But the four Elements, like all classification systems, have never covered everything in the universe.  Nor does it provide a way to explain how the Elemental parts of something can produce a whole thing.  What makes the parts add up to more than the whole?  Thus there has emerged a fifth Element.  That mysterious fifth Element has come to be known as Spirit.  It is by far the most important Element and probably the hardest to ‘master.’

As a priest (and as just a plain, curious person) I’ve studied Spirit for years.  This study has now dominated my life.  I’ve even helped write a book about it that I hope to see published.  But even now I have difficulty explaining what Spirit is and how we can use it in our everyday lives.  It is a slithery subject and any study of it often will lead the student to believe they have opened a bottomless can of worms that wriggle in every direction.  Even deciding where to begin that study is argumentative.  But since I am the author of this paper and can begin anywhere I wish without having to argue with anyone but myself, I will start with an attempt at defining the word.

Like many words, ‘spirit’ can be used in a wide variety of ways.  We say, ‘the spirit of the law,’ or ‘the spirit of Hamlet’s father.’ We hear about ‘The Great Spirit’ and we say that the combination and balance of the other four Classical Elements produces Spirit.  To a casual observer, it might seem that the definition of the word in each case was somehow different.  But that actually goes against how words come into existence and grow in usage.  When the word started out in life (in whatever language), it was to signify a specific concept, a unique set of ideas.  As the word grew into wider usage, the application of that set of ideas to explain something also broadened and made the word cover the wide range we use it for today.  Over the tens or hundreds of thousands of years since the word-idea we call ‘spirit’ was born, the basic meaning has become somewhat obscured.

A good way to find out more about the meaning of a word is to look up its synonyms.  If you use Microsoft Word’s handy right-click and ask for synonyms of ‘spirit’ you get: ‘strength, courage, character, guts, will, strength of mind, force, and fortitude’.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll come up with: ‘soul, inner self, life-force, chi, essence, mood, tendency, atmosphere,’ and a lot of other stuff.  Out of all of those words, I finally chose ‘essence’ as possibly my best chance at getting at the root meaning.  It seemed odd to me that the very first word in the whole bunch was ‘strength.’ Later, I felt like banging my head against a wall a few times for not paying attention.  However, at the time I liked the word ‘essence’ so well I did a little happy-dance and started to follow the trail of thought it had produced within me.

Eventually, my thoughts ran this way:  Spirit is in everything because everything has some component of one or more of the Classic Elements.  And, besides, Spirit absolutely must be part of everything because everything has some sort of essence.  Extend this a little further and you come up with: Spirit is the most vital, the most essential part of everything there is.  And that was when the little light bulb went on over my head:  Spirit is the force, the strength behind the existence of everything.  There’s a long (years long in this case) and involved philosophical and theological discourse I’m glossing over here, but I went from the light bulb to the belief that Spirit is, for all intents and purposes, the same thing as Deity.

I know this might seem very sketchy and I apologize.  As I said, my wife and I wrote a whole book about it and even then there are spots where we had to settle for a less than rigorous train of statements.  Nevertheless, I’m going to carry on with such bold proclamations and not keep boring you with apologies.

So I will assume that Spirit is a piece of god, or the gods, or however else we care to name that big, wondrous… something… that we all seem to sense is bigger than everything else put together!  And we concluded that the spirit of any one thing has a connection to the spirits of every other thing in the universe.  Another way of saying this would be that every piece or aspect of Deity knows all of Deity.  Any interaction between one spirit (piece of Deity) and another would be known by all spirits in the universe… instantly.  Find this hard to believe?  Check out recent experiments in light; you’ll find instant communication between photons.

Wow, talk about cosmic!  But I think I already mentioned this was heavy stuff.

So let’s say all of the above is true.  What good does it do us?  Aside from being of interest to an old Pagan theologian, why bother?  First of all, I believe this is the kicker in favor of doing magic the Pagan way.  That is, by combining magic and religion.  There’s always a religious (spiritual) element to our magic and always a magical element to our religion.  And the point at which they always meet is Spirit.

Spirit is the template for existence for a ‘thing’.  It is what causes it to be.  Any and all changes to something represent a change to its spirit.  So if the purpose of our magic is to change something (and what magic isn’t for that purpose?), then we must make a change to the spirit of that ‘something’.  Since all spirits are part of that big, huge, all-encompassing spirit we call Deity (also called by some: ‘the Great Spirit’), then the only thing that can change the spirit of anything else is Spirit itself.

Magicians use many tools to do their magic and each tool has a spirit.  But the most powerful tool in the magician’s bag is the magician himself!  Pagans believe that without some kind of religious discipline the magician’s spirit (and, therefore, his or her magic) can all too easily get messed up.  You might call this the Pagan version of ‘original sin’.  We also believe that the most important matter when doing magic is keep our work from harming others because we know that to harm another is ultimately to harm ourselves.  Learning about your own spirit is even more important than learning about the spirits of other things.

Besides, if we don’t have some way to know our own spirit better, how can we become better at our magic?  See?  There’s that spirit-in-magic and magic-in-spirit thing again.  Ever wonder why the first ‘commandment’ of magic is to “Know Thy Self”?

Okay, I’ve given you my take on what Spirit is and why it’s important.  The next question is: how can we recognize the spirit of something?  How can we ‘see’ the essence of a thing and use that in our magic and our religious (spiritual) work?

The answer is simplicity itself.  No, really: simplicity!  Spirit is the essential, the ‘reality’ of the thing we are observing.  It isn’t all the surrounding mishmash of stuff going on around it, though that surrounding stuff is constantly having some kind of effect (making a change) on that spirit.  We have to be able to observe the subject in the moment.  Learning to see – really see – something clearly requires training and lots of practice.

Whatever system for magic you learn, it won’t be easy.  You’ll likely get better at it as time goes on but you’ll probably never get it right 100% of the time.  You will have to dedicate your life to perfecting this, the highest of all arts.  You will need to increase your understanding and skills in all of the Elements.  It also means you will have to factor in your own spirit because simply by observing something you will change it and it will change you.  This, by the way, fits nicely into modern day physics.  It’s called the Heisenberg Principle.  Anyway, as you can easily see, any act of magic is going to be so complicated by all this spirit changing that to say you know about everything that’s going on is a big fat lie.  By the time you’ve figured out what the spirit of a subject is, it’s changed a million times and so have you.  What’s a magician to do?

First off, don’t expect your magic to turn out exactly as planned.  That also fits in with physics since the Heisenberg Principle is usually called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  Simply put, that principle says you can’t know everything about something all in one shot.  We (magicians), just like physicists, have to accept that if we know enough about something it will work most of the time… but not all the time.  We have to rely upon past experimental data that tells us how certain interactions of spirits have worked out in the past.  A great deal of that information is found in our spiritual studies, our religion.

Well DUH!  That’s why they’re called spiritual studies!  Every religion, even the ones that get upset over using the term, ‘magic’, are there to improve our ability to interact with Spirit.

To be precise, studying Spirit doesn’t demand belief in any sort of god or goddess.  It doesn’t require us to join any kind of organization or declare ourselves to be any kind of Pagan, Buddhist, Catholic, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, or devotees of The Great Ralph.  We can be spiritual without religion.  The fact is that everyone has their own particular form of belief and it is almost impossible that anybody else has exactly that complex of beliefs.  Religion mostly exists so we can find a way of peaceably sharing our beliefs and have a shot at refining them while kicking back and enjoying a brew (hey: bread and wine; cakes and ale – I’m just saying).

And while we’re trying to figure it all out, while we’re scratching our heads and wondering why Plan A didn’t work exactly as planned, at least we have a community of fellow head-scratchers to be with and kick around the wonders, the magic of our lives.  Being Pagans, we’ll be happily serious and seriously happy because, down deep, we believe in the inherent rightness of the universe.  We have accepted that we will forever be scratching our heads over something but we’ll keep trying to get better and refuse to kick ourselves too hard over being ourselves.  The gods (or, who knows? maybe it really is The Great Ralph) are probably having a great time watching our efforts; why shouldn’t we have just as good a time living them?

This series of articles, the Elemental Perspectives, has been a delight of mine for the last few months and I hope you have enjoyed them as well.  I will be offering other articles to PaganPages as time goes on but I’m not planning any other series of related articles such as this.  Of course, that’s my current plan.  Who knows what’s really going to happen?  After all, Plan A doesn’t work out much of the time.

Live, love, and laugh, my friends.  It’s all magic.

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Runic Divination

July, 2009

Lesson 1 and 2 Cumulative Test

Well it has come time for the first cumulative test. This test will be a review of the first two lessons.

1. How does the (Elder) Futhark get its name?

2. What are the three standard divisions of the runes known as?

3. What is the equation for the creation of the universe?

4. Which modern letters does the Elder Futhark lack?

5. With which season is the Berkana (Beorc) rune associated?

6. What are the three standard divisions of the runes known as?

7. Who governs the section of the runes associated with forces beyond human influence and understanding?

8. Which rune governs the Christmas/Yule half month period?

9. What are the three standard divisions of the runes known as?

10. Name two runes suggesting affliction and suffering which are found side by side

11. Which two runes do some authors feel should have their positions transposed?

After taking the cumulative test copy and paste your answers to the questions into a word doc. Or directly to the body of the email and email them directly to ma at [email protected] for grading. Upon completion of this course students will receive a certificate of completion of the Runic.

Coming in the Month of August

We will be studying the art of using runes as a tool for divination.

Bountiful Blessings

Instructor: Michele Burke

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Magickal Cauldron

July, 2009

Noodle Kugel

serves buffet

oven temp–350 degrees

baking time: 1 hour 10 minutes

1 (16 ounces) package very thin noodles

1 (16 oz) carton small curd cottage cheese

10 eggs –separated

1 pint sour cream

1 cup butter or margarine–softened

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

1 (8 oz) package cream cheese softened

1 1/4 cups sugar

1/2 cup raisins


4 teaspoons of melted butter or melted margarine

1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Cook noodles in boiling water over low heat for 1 hour; drain. Whip egg yolks and beat in remaining ingredients, except egg whites and raisins. Fold in stiffly beaten whites and noodles. Add raisins. Mix until well blended. Pour into greased large deep casserole dish. Mix topping ingredients until crumbly. Sprinkle topping over noodle mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out dry. Cut into squares..

Bourbon Franks


baking time–2 hours

3/4 cup bourbon

1 (16 oz) package cocktail or bite-size franks

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup chili sauce

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan in order listed. Simmer over low heat for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Serve hot in a fondue pot or chafing dish.

Teriyaki Meatballs

serves 6 to 8

1 tablespoon soy sauce

dash garlic powder

1 tablespoon water

dash ginger

2 teaspoons sugar

1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 teaspoon dehydrated onion

1/2 cup bread crumbs

Combine first 6 ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Allow to stand for 10 minutes. Combine ground beef and bread crumbs. Work together until well blended. Add soy sauce mixture. Roll into 3/4 inch balls. Deep fry at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

Herb-Cottage Cheese Dip

serves 8-10

cup cottage cheese

tablespoons grated onion

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire

1 cup mayonnaise

1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

2 tablespoons chopped chives

salt to taste

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

pepper to taste

2 cloves garlic, minced

Combine cottage cheese and sour cream in a small mixing bowl. Beat until smooth and creamy. Add remaining ingredients. Mix until well blended. Cover bowl. Refrigerate several hours or overnight. Serve with raw veggies.

Hot artichoke dip

serves 20

oven temp—-325 degrees

baking time–15 minutes

2 (14 oz) can artichoke hearts in water

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

Chop artichoke hearts. Combine with mayonnaise and parmesan. Mix until well blended. Pour into a lightly buttered 1 1/2 quart casserole dish. Bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve warm with garlic rounds and crackers.

Asparagus Rolls

serves 25

oven temp: 350 degrees

baking time: 10-15 minutes

1 (8 oz) package cream cheese softened

boiled ham-sliced thin (optional)

1 (4 oz) package blue cheese softened

1 (14 oz) can asparagus spears

1 loaf thin sliced melba bread

1/2 cup butter

Combine the cream cheese and blue cheese. Mix until well blended. Spread on bread forming a heavy rim at the edges. If using ham, place ham on top of cheese. Place asparagus on top. Roll and press. Slice in 4 one-inch pieces. Dip in melted butter. Place on an ungreased 15×10×1 inch baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes

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Cauldron Spirits

July, 2009

Cauldron Spirits are an alcohol based mixture that burn in your cauldron or any other fire safe container. Be wise with this, as you would anything else you were going to burn. Keep it away from all flammable objects, keep it away from children, and please burn in a well ventilated area. Do not ingest this ever! If you do by mistake please call your doctor immediately. Prepare them at the moon time that suits your working purpose and when finished, store them in a cool, dry cupboard. Of course there are many combinations of herbs that can be used to suit the needs that I am going to address so by all means, feel free to substitute. I am a firm believer in following the intuition given you by your guides.

Items needed:

Base Mixture

*Half pint mason jar

*Isopropyl Alcohol

*Distilled Water

*Mortar and Pestle


*Dried Patchouli




*White Sage



Psychic Visioning

*White Sage

*Star Anise

*Frankincense Resin


To create the base mixture, you will mix one part distilled water for every 2 parts of alcohol that you use for a more intense flame, and half and half for a lower flame. I heat the water up. By using warm water, when you get everything in the mason jar, it will help to seal it a bit. This isn’t an air tight perfect seal but since we are NOT INGESTING this EVER it doesn’t need to be perfect. Fill your jar 2/3rds full.For the herbal mixtures, you will treat this as you would any herbal spell mixture. I use about a tablespoon of each, but you can use more or less as needed. I have found that if you have too much in your Cauldron Spirits, it will not burn right.As you add each one to your mortar, focus on your intention. If you are working towards prosperity, then see yourself in the position you desire, once all are in, continue focusing on your goal as you grind the herbs or resins together. Next you will simply add this into your jar. Screw on the lid and give it a little shake. I have been known to add a stone to the jar but, if you do this, be sure to keep your stone out of the fire. Don’t put your best clear quartz in there as the colorations of the herbs and with some stones, the alcohol, will discolor them.Store away until ready for use. If you are not a “pyro“, then use a long match to light.

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Greetings from Afar

July, 2009

Chariots of Fire

The UFO wave of 1972-73 was the last “classical” UFO wave to sweep North America… at least the United States. It began in the fall of 1972, as a group of isolated, but seemingly consistent sightings in the Southwestern and Southeastern parts of the country, and eventually turned into a nationwide phenomenon. Now, many people will attribute these sightings to “natural” occurrences, and the U.S. Government certainly has ample “explanations” for each and every sighting, from “atmospherics” to “weather balloons” to “planetary alignments”… still… I know what I saw, and it wasn’t a weather balloon.

It was the second Friday in November, 1972, and the Center (Texas) Roughriders had just taken a 48 to 0 drubbing at the hands of the Carthage Bulldogs… at their homecoming… Now this kind of humiliation at one’s homecoming might sound just ghastly to any football fan, but it was not, in point of fact, the worst defeat suffered by the Roughriders that season… they had a perfect season, that year… didn’t win a single game. But, they did manage to get into the record books, two weeks later, when the (Longview, Texas) Pine Tree Pirates defeated them 72 to 0…with Pine Tree set up to score again when time ran out. It was the worst single defeat ever suffered by a Texas High School Football Team… a record that stands to this day…

It’s fairly easy for me to remember the date, because, even if the football game, that night, was less than memorable… what followed it was not. LaMoine, Charlie Harmon, Pedro and I, and another friend of ours named Rick Bauer, were all loaded into my old ’56 Pontiac (Old Matilda) and were headed home after the game. I usually got the driving detail in those days… with the rest of the guys buying the (35 cent a gallon) gas, since Old Matilda was one of the biggest cars in Center, she could accommodate something like ten of us if we packed her right. This was an especially useful characteristic on Wednesday nights, when you could get into the Apache Drive-in, and see a fairly good “B” movie for “One Dollar A Car”… no matter how many people were in it… and we could easily get ten or twelve in the car and another four (five, if one of them was short) in the trunk.

In any case, we were on our way home after the latest insult to our school pride on the football field, and were, in spite of this, in a generally good mood. I had a route I followed, which sort of went in a big circle, starting at the football field, and dropping people off until I eventually wound up home, myself. We had just gotten to Rick’s house and were all standing out in his front yard talking, when Pedro looked up at the sky and said “What’s that?”

Naturally, we all looked up…

Above us, in a perfectly clear Autumn sky, against a backdrop of stars, were three fairly large silver lights. They seemed to be moving, in a triangular, or diamond shaped formation, from roughly West to East… They looked to be, from where we were standing, about the size of a dime, and were circular. Each one, had a smaller, blinking greenish-blue light in the center, and a red light, that didn’t blink, in “front”… that is to say the part that was facing the direction that they were going… and they were going fast.

Now, anyone who has watched an airplane, especially at night, realizes that speed is not always reflected in what you can see. The sky is big, and even if a plane is moving relatively fast, it appears to move fairly slowly, because it is high up, and is seen against such a vast background. As I said, these objects appeared to be about the size of a dime, but they also appeared to be fairly high up… which means that they were huge… They were also moving fast enough that we had to physically turn to track them with our eyes… pretty fast.

Abruptly, they just stopped… They didn’t slow down. They stopped. They were completely dead in the air for a period of several seconds… still in their triangular formation, and still “pointing” the same direction… but absolutely motionless.

As we watched, a thin line of reddish light began to dart between the three shapes. It would go from one to the other, almost as if they were “shooting” it at each other… but… it didn’t seem to be a hostile act… Then, they began to move again, just as suddenly as they had stopped… in exactly the opposite direction. They headed back in the direction from which they had originally come.

Once again, they stopped suddenly, then seemed to shoot straight up, until they were almost out of sight. They then stopped again, seemed to change position slightly within their “formation” and started off, at what was literally a blinding speed, this time to the North, zig-zagging as they sped away…

A few seconds later, we heard a rumble from the East, and sonic booms, as what were obviously three very fast moving Air Force jets came into view from toward the Louisanna border. We were, in fact, so busy watching the show, that we hadn’t noticed several other cars that had stopped along the street, and their occupants were also watching the objects as they danced across the sky. One of these cars contained Ed Roberts and “Uncle” Charlie Johnson, two of our local police officers. Ed, a former Military Policeman, was observing the objects through a pair of binoculars, while Uncle Charlie was on the car radio, describing the scene to Mr. Buck Carriker, who was, at that time, Chief of Police. About every third word he uttered the phrase “Hell no, Buck, we ain’t drunk”.

Pedro (Charles Emanis) and I both worked for the “Champion”, a local newspaper. I had my camera in the car, as usual, but, this was years before the invention of “passive night optics”, and taking photos of the event was hopeless, event though we both tried. It didn’t matter. The story was all over the news the following day. Someone at Barksdale Air Force Base “leaked” the story to the press about how they had scrambled fighters to intercept three Unidentified Flying Objects, after reports of them had absolutely flooded all of the base’s incoming telephone lines. Barksdale was, and is to this day, headquarters for the 8th Air Force, one of a handful of bases in the U.S. which had, and still has, nuclear armed B-52 bombers airborne at all times as part of what was once called the “failsafe” system. They were naturally a bit concerned at the thought of “foreign”, unidentified aircraft invading their air space.

We “learned” two days later, from an “official” U.S. Air Force spokesman… who was intervied on every television and radio station in a three state area… that the incident had all been a “big misunderstanding”… that no fighters had been dispatched, since the Air Force “knew all along” that the “UFOs” in question were actually a “weather observation balloon, launched from a facility near Longview, Texas, which exploded due to unfavorable atmospherics, producing the “abnormal” lighting effects that had been wittinesed”.

Maybe they were right… On the other hand, it was 1972… maybe some long-haired hippie freak put LSD into the Center Water Supply, and we were all hallucinating… maybe… but I don’t think so…

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The Wild Hunt

July, 2009

The oldest stories forgotten

blood-stained tales told

to young children of old gods

born in new fantasies . . .

A curtain of snow opens,

cold, blue gloom lurks

on frozen wastelands

where starving men ride

horses following baying dogs

chases the prey dodging

snowdrifts beneath snow-laden branches,

evergreens shaking, spilling needles

of ice on panting deer, streaming

blood pounding adrenaline racing

men hunting the old Stag

King, a god who knows

how to die with dogs flying

at hooves stamping powdered ice

beating hearts rushing blood dragging

deer fallen on it’s side, steaming

and panting as snow stains

red with warm blood gurgling

life flowing out until dead

eyes stare at nothing

in the glacial sky

and men carry the carcass,

tongue lolling lifelessly,

in a crude sleigh made

from rough wood, carved with

stone and rain and wind, the sleigh

blackened by time, carrying

a promise

beneath evergreen branches


through the cold, blue gloom

on frozen wastelands

where starving men ride,

bringing hope,

the promised

gift of life opened by death

forgotten memories remembered

in red robes trimmed with white fur,

blood stains upon cold snow,

the old Stag King gives birth

and Santa carries gifts

in a sleigh pulled by reindeer

riding the back of the cold wind

on the longest night of winter

with his gifts


a symbolic sun rises again

carried through the sky

on the longest night of winter


spring riding the back of the cold wind


snow melting under a rising sun,

growing stronger hope day by day,

a fantasy making life bearable

on the longest night of icy winter.

The oldest stories forgotten

blood-stained tales told

to young children of old gods

born into new fantasies . . .

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