Callie’s Cavern



Being attuned to the Earth, Aragonite is an excellent Earth healer and grounder.  It can help center and ground physical energies, especially in times of stress.  It combats oversensitivity and restores balance.  If you push yourself too hard Aragonite can help facilitate delegating and help focus.  Aragonite can help rid you of nightmares and center during stress.

Aragonite transmutes energy from old experiences and paves the way for new ones.  It can help reach higher levels of awareness.  If you have feelings trapped inside Aragonite can help ease those into the conscious, it can change powerlessness into self-confidence.

In tiny mounts this mineral is responsible for the iridescent and pearl like sheen inside the shells of abalone.  It is the major mineral in the body structure of some shellfish and coral.  The wonderful shape of Aragonite can put on an otherworldly appearance that can create pictures in your mind.