Goddess Cards



Abundance is the perfect theme for July! Gardens are flourishing. And those of us who are lucky enough to have one, are deeply engaged in their tending and keeping.

In her garden, a woman can be a goddess! Whether she has a few miniature pots of herbs on her kitchen windowsill, a patio pot garden, or a BIG garden, blessed with trees, bushes and lawns to be mowed, she is the Goddess of Abundance. That’s why I chose a garden image to illustrate Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s “Face of Abundance” from his inspirational book, The Seven Faces of Intention.

This book was important to me. I kept it by my bedside for a long time, and was even lucky enough to attend one of his incredible lectures in my hometown of Vancouver, B.C., last year. The Seven Faces of Intention is now the latest set of cards in my Goddess Card collection. It was created with Dr. Dyer’s permission and encouragement.

Notice that, in the image, the woman isn’t loafing around waiting for a cornucopia of goodies to fall upon her.  She believes in the loving provision of an abundant Universe. She has a vision of the garden she wants. But she also works for it.

Out come her packets of seeds, her bags of dirt, her seedlings, tools and garden gloves.

Out comes her watering can or hose. It’s dirty work, but she loves it. Because the end result of her soul-ful labor is Beauty and Abundance.

She may well pray as she plants her seeds and seedlings, and cares for them. Gardening, for me, is prayer. It’s faith that, so long as you do your part, the soil will flourish and bear fruit.

Do you yearn for abundance? First, believe that it’s possible. Believe that the Universe is abundant beyond imagination. That Spirit wants to provide what you need. Tap into that, and work with it. After all, the first job God ever gave Man (and Woman) was to care for the Garden!

Of course, gardening isn’t the only source of abundance, though it’s one of the loveliest I know. Do you prefer to create abundance in other ways? Fine. Not everyone was born to the shovel. But whatever your garden is, cultivate it. Do the dreaming. Do the work.

Dr. Dyer urges us to have “an abundance mentality.” He is the poster boy of the abundant dreamer. He wasn’t always rich and famous. He grew up under very difficult circumstances, and soon learned how to fend for himself. During times of economic slump, he worked several jobs at once. He never stopped believing that he, in cooperation with Spirit, would create limitless abundance for himself, his family, and those he sought to reach. And he did.

Today, we too face challenging times. If we are to weather the storms that are currently shaking the world, we must adopt an abundance mentality, and an abundance work ethic to back it up.

With a mindset like that, how can we fail?