Let’s Spell it Out

7/26 Sleipnir’s Day: Aid with Meditational Journeys

Even if you are not familiar with the Norse Pantheon, most likely you have heard of Odhinn, the All-Father.  Odhinn is the Shaman-King that travels through the three worlds on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir.  These three worlds are known to the Norse and Celts as the Upperworld (Asgard to the Norse and the Sky/Star World to the Celts), the Middleworld (our world that we call Earth; Midgard to the Norse and Surface/Stone World to the Celts) and the Underworld (Utgard to the Norse and the Ocean/Sea World to the Celts).

Sleipnir could run on land, sea or air, which are the three worlds or three realms of the Tree of Life or World Tree of the Celts and Norse.  The name for the World Tree among the Norse was Yggdrasil; “Yggr” being one of the names for Odhinn and “drassil” meant both “horse” and “gallows”.  Sacrifices to Odhinn were hung on gallows, another version of the World Tree.

Another symbol associated with the shaman-horse Sleipnir is the Rune Eh (M) which means “horse”.  “Eh” propels the soul through the Otherworlds, the other spheres of consciousness, so you can call upon his aid with meditation and journeys. Horses were considered sacred to the Norse and horses the color of cloud-gray were said to be one of the methods of travel for the Valkyries.  Perhaps you could instill the aid of a Valkyries for your Otherworld journeys as well?  The rune Eh can signify a mutual partnership as well as transitional movement, so it is not out of the question to be able to work with Sleipnir or the Valkyries.

July 26th is the day set aside by the Asutru to commemorate the death-steed Sleipnir.


This is a very simple spell to help you with your meditations.  Many people struggle with meditating, so calling in a little extra help never hurts.  If you are already familiar with meditation and journeying, then Sleipnir will be able to take you swiftly (he has eight legs after all) through the worlds and levels of consciousness, enhancing your meditation experiences.

If possible, do this spell and meditation outside with a real-life tree.  If this is not possible die to weather or lack or privacy, then simply sit indoors and use your visualizing skills to imagine the World Tree before you.

Supplies: offering to Sleipnir (a nice offering for Sleipnir would be something that a horse would eat, perhaps some sugar cubes would be a nice treat?  You need not place your offering at the gallows, instead the base of a tree would work just fine.).  Offering to the tree (again, think of what a tree needs; perhaps some fertilizer or water to aid in its growth?).

Stand at a tree with your offering and say:

“I call to Odhinn’s eight-legged steed:

In hand I have _____ for you to feed.”

Place the offering at the base of the tree and say:

“I place this offering here at the Tree

In hopes of the partnership between you and me.”

Sit with your back propped up against the trunk of the tree.   Mentally connect to the spirit of the tree and let it know that you wish to make a partnership so you can meditate and travel the three worlds of the World Tree.  To show the spirit of the tree that you have good intentions, place your offering at the roots.  If you wish, you can also draw the Rune Eh (shaped similarly to the capital letter “M”) in the air or on the ground to seal your “compact:” with the tree.

Now, simply begin your meditation.  If it helps, visualize yourself riding on the back of Sleipnir, his gray mane flowing in the air, the hooves making a rhythmic sound that takes you deeper and deeper into a relaxed state.  State the purpose of your meditation; what answers do you seek?  Ask the Universe your question so you and Sleipnir can find the answers.  Say:

“Shaman Steed of air, land and sea,

As I sit here beneath this tree;

Move me through the worlds of three,

Aid me on my shamanic journey.”

Close your eyes and go ahead with your meditation.  When you come back to normal consciousness, move your fingers and toes, stretch and come to standing.  Thank the tree and say:

“Cloud-Gray horse of the Valkyries,

Thank you for aiding my journeys.

Together we worked magick well

And this concludes my magick spell.

Stay if you will, and go if you must;

In perfect love and perfect trust.

By the power of threes times three,

As my will, so mote it be.”


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Pagan Book of Days by Nigel Pennick

Rune Mysteries by Silver RavenWolf and Nigel Jackson

Tree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery Tradition by Orion Foxwood