Night Rites

Pyramid Prosper Rite


A solitary ritual to invoke prosperity in your life.


One green votive candle, holder, and matches

One quarter, dime, nickel, and penny (or any other currency in coin form)

Two pair of chopsticks

One terra cotta plate

One coin bank

One bowl of cooked rice

One spoon

One offering bowl

Additional candles for lighting

Crushed fool’s gold (optional)


Cast a sacred circle and call forth the Elementals in your own traditional way.

Light the green candle in its holder and hold aloft in front of you. Say:

God and Goddess, witness my rite

and aid me in my workings tonight.

I have come upon hard times,

and I seek your help with my plight.

I feel weakened by worry,

because my purse strings are tight.

Please hear my plea,

and place your favor on me.

Carefully light the pointed end of the wooden chopstick with the flame from the green candle. Let the chopstick alight with flame for about 20 seconds before blowing out the flame. The tip of the chopstick will be now be covered in black ash.

Turn the terra cotta plate upside-down and draw a large triangle, so that the points of the triangle touch the edges of the plate using the blackened end of the chopstick. If the ash runs out, relight the chopstick again.

As you draw, repeat:

Three times three

These sides may be

For body, soul and mind.

Three times three

These sides may be

A pyramid of holding I bind.

When the triangle is complete, use the chopstick to draw an eye within the triangle (see photo). Repeat:

God and Goddess of now and then,

I bid you to hear me again.

Watch over me with your all-seeing eye,

so I may know that prosperity will come by and by.

Write the word “Prosper” underneath the triangle. (Optional: Sprinkle crushed fool’s gold around the outside of the pyramid to attract all types of wealth, not just money.)

Pick up the highest denomination of coin that you have and place it on top of the eye. Say:

See this _[insert number of coin]__,

come to me now.

Repeat this process with each coin you have, stacking them one by one on top of each other.

When you have all the coins stacked, hold both your hands over the coins and say:

Number high and number low,

your presence in my life with grow.

You’ll find me when my need is great,

and when it’s not, you’ll dissipate.

I will only take what I will need,

and never more to exceed.

Lift the green candle once more in front of you and thank the God and Goddess for their  their aid in your rite.

Give them an offering of cooked rice, partaking some yourself afterwards using a fresh pair of chopsticks. Use this time to think about what your monetary needs are. How much money you would like to see come into your life and in what fashion (new job, second job, promotion, results of the sale of a home/vehicle, yard sale, etc.)?

Thank the God and Goddess for their presence in your circle and bid them farewell. Blow out the candle.

Dismiss the Elementals and open the sacred circle in your traditional way.

Leave the pyramid talisman and the coins on your altar over night. The next evening, place the coins in a coin bank or pouch. Do not spend them. Toss the remaining chop sticks into a campfire or wood stove, if you can.

Watch for signs in your life of new opportunities for wealth and prosperity.

When you have reaped the reward of this ritual, use a hammer to destroy the plate and release the pyramid of holding.