Tarot Talk

The Sun (19)


“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” ~Carl Gustav Jung

Image Description:

The Rider-Waite deck depicts a nude child, both arms outstretched wide, riding a pony/horse beneath the rays of a glowing sun. In his left hand he carries a flowing banner. Behind him a row of sunflowers grow tall and bountiful along a stone wall.


Horse: Solar energy controlled without bridle or saddle

Nude Child: Nothing hidden; open, honest, and realistic attitude

Red Banner: Action and vibration

Sun: Warmth and light

Four Sunflowers: Sacred to the sun, the four elements, the growing soul

Wall: Beyond limitations

Key Words:

Enlightenment, Glory, Vigor, Renewal, Assurance

Fool’s Journey:

After a long, restless night, the Fool awakens to a bright dawn and finds himself in a walled garden with sunflowers blooming around him. As the Fool takes note of his new surroundings, a child brimming with vibrant energy and vigor approaches him on horseback. A smile of assurance, and the little one’s arms open wide in a warmhearted welcome. The kind gesture gives the Fool a sudden sense of enlightenment that all in the world is good. Feeling blessed with renewal, the Fool continues his journey illuminated by the glory of the sun.


To learn how to see things clearly in life, and to let our lives shine with enlightenment and vigor.


The Sun symbolizes the illuminated brightness of the conscious mind, and signifies our ability to see things clearly in our lives. It represents a source of energy and strength that can provide enlightenment and a sense of purpose, while imbuing us with optimism, vigor, and the ambition to pursue our goals and desires.  The sun can impart a vision of the future and give us foresight and the ability to move forward. When we can see our way clearly and know where we are going, we can feel more confident about what the future has in store for us.

In readings, the Sun can appear when we are in a position to see and understand all that is happening within our sphere of influence. It suggests we are about to enjoy a period of increased confidence and creativity. When our perceptions are clear and our minds are open to self-expression, our ideas and undertakings stand out brilliantly.

Not surprisingly, the Sun also denotes vitality and assurance, as well as a deep sense of fulfillment. The Sun illuminates the darkness and dispels the clouds of uncertainty, putting us in touch with the world’s goodness. Both within and without, its youthful energy expands our horizons and promises us that we, too, can have our day in the Sun.