Hally’s Hints

Light / Dark Workers

It has been an interesting and roller coaster of a month. It started with what I thought was a bout of hormonal fluctuations only to have a discussion with a light worker and realised it was something much greater that something happening on a physiological level.

Many of us that work in the light, working on a very different vibrational level to those working on the dark side unfortunately will from time to time have the dark side decide to latch on. I liken this to those people that zap our energy however those on the dark side do so much more than that.

Do you ever recall a time where your actions were very different to how you usually are and you find yourself in dispute with someone you care about only to be shaking your head a couple of hours later wondering what had taken place?

Sometimes this can be the dark forces at play. I realise it sounds like a Star Wars type scenario however it is not too far from the truth.

There are light workers and then there are dark workers. I had always believed that I came from a family of light workers. Based on my earlier posts some of you will get that to my absolute astonishment I am a light worker from a dark working family. How I got myself into that is still bewildering. Nevertheless everything happens for a reason and out of the dark comes light, thus there is a benefit, a lesson that can be gained from any situation.

However, I digress…

There is so much happening on a deeper level than we are consciously aware which impacts us in many ways. The changes that have taken place this year from the changing personalities, increased insecurities due to the imbalances throughout the planet have caused such a ripple affect across many planes.  My clients have altered from those passionately wanting to change to completely disappearing to reappearing, all in a matter of a couple of weeks.

With all of this in mind, the dark workers have such an opportunity to play on everyone’s softer side to sway and manipulate. It is unfortunate and very frustrating to work with. I see many beautiful people succumbing only to come to me later on wondering why they went through what they did in the first place. I am forever grateful for the awareness and the ability to assist others on their journey. Much like those that assisted me come to be where I am today.

Dark workers, light workers, planetary imbalances, people scared, insecure seeking some stability and here we are. Dark workers do not hide behind religion or any kind of flamboyancy and often can attach to pure souls. Be aware of a change of energies at your work, when you socialise with your friends and keep some white sage tucked in your back pocket just in case an unwanted gust of wind finds its way into your home ready to disrupt you and your life.

These are uncertain times; however that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on standing in your own truth and embracing the light that provides you the path to your evolution.