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Dear Reader,

Welcome to ‘It’s In the Cards’ for www.PaganPages.org. At one time this column appeared in Finer Things Magazine in New Haven, CT, and I am very pleased to be writing my column again; this time for the Pagan Community.

Every month, I will do a tarot reading for one person whose question I choose for this column. Also, by writing me, you will have a chance for a free tarot 10 minute reading on the phone. If you would like to contact me about purchasing a reading, please visit my web site at www.SubRosaMagick.com or write me at [email protected]

Since I first began reading for the public 13 years ago, I found that I fell in love with being able to help people in their personal lives and on their path as a spiritual counselor. The cards, I have found, often tell us what we need to know, and not necessarily what we want to know. They provide a way for me to see deeper into the heart of an issue and often what magickal advice I also need to give to bring about change.

Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot cards as a form of divination, they also work in the same way other forms do, be it the Runes, I-Ching, oracles or Ogam. The symbols of the tarot speak on many levels, and allow a connection to be created with spirit; opening a doorway for the universe to communicate on a personal level. As an artist as well as a priestess, I acknowledge the power of these symbols, but as a psychic, I use them to “see” more clearly.
Mediumship isn’t something I intentionally practice, but sometimes I do receive messages from spirit or departed loved ones, and if I receive messages I will relay these to you as part of the reading.

This following is the question chosen for this month.


Dear Alicia,

When can I expect to find a job, or maybe what can I do to find a job?
January 4, 1961 ~Lorna

Dear Lorna,

I sat down to take a look at what your birthdate held and I see positive aspects, and some that may hold you back. I don’t believe that anything will ever come easy for you until you are actually in a position itself that suits you. You are most certainly the ‘uber’ professional being gifted in all areas that require management, organizational and leadership capabilities. You will need to sell/market yourself to make yourself stand out – don’t be shy about it. Jupiter is in Capricorn, which can create a dynamic of tension between the expansiveness of Jupiter and Saturn’s constriction. You may find yourself expending more energy than expected in trying to take control of and in turning around situations. Whatever you do, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Mars is in Cancer, and a cool head is called for to make the best decisions and impressions. A positive aspect of this manifests as tenacity – let this be your strength in your job search.

The following is a nine-card career spread for you in the shape of an arrow to help point you in the right direction. It is also appropriate since you have a strong artemis energy to your spirit. Draw your bow.







Card 1: Current state

Card 2: Inner obstacle

Card 3: Outer obstacle

Card 4: Direction

Card 5: advice

Card 6: Aid

Card 7: Fate

Card 8: Key

Card 9: Best outcome to be expected

The first card is the Empress (3) inversed, which is clearly showing the level of frustration you are feeling right now. Sometimes we can’t take care of everything, and you may also feel unsettled about making decisions between home and career. You may not like change but change is constant. You are used to being in charge and providing, but this part of your life has shifted already and it is time for you to step sideways (like a Cancerian crab) into a different role. Your work most certainly does not define your worth, so please let go of that notion.

As I drew the following cards I had to smile. Despite that they are obstacles they are quite positive. You are have already started down the right road.

The second card, which is the inner obstacle or hindrance, is Death (13). Even positive change can be painful, but in order for the outer world to come together for you, it must come from the inner world first. As magickal people, we understand that we are co-creators with the universe, even on a subconscious level. Fear is a natural response to change, and fear can hold us back. Step through that door within yourself and you it will open up to the doorway of the next card.

The third card is the outer obstacle, the Wheel of Fortune (10). Everything has its own timing, including when and where you will find the job. Possibilities are opening up, but it will be up to you to spot them, as you might as well actually be hunting down jobs like game birds in a field of tall grass. Make things happen for you by stretching your network in all directions; professional, friends, and agencies. Finding this job will be a full time job.

The fourth card, the Lovers (6) is the direction you need to go in. Rather than seeing this as a relationship card, I see this as a need for you to merge with your career to provide balance to who you are since what you do is what drives you. Doing something other than what you love is not recommended.

The fifth card, the Five of Swords is ironically enough the advice card. There is interference by someone who isn’t being honest with you. Watch your back. They DO NOT have your best interests at heart but their own. Be very careful who you use for references. I hope you realize that your abilities may have fostered jealousy in people who weren’t so capable.

The sixth card is the King of Swords, your ally who will come to your aid. This is the professional who be able to help you connect with the job you need to find. You will know him by his accomplishments, education and quick mind.

The seventh card of Fate, is the Ace of Wands. This is an exceptionally positive card, especially in terms of career and new directions. Like the Empress, there is a fertility here that is pending birth, but of the intellect instead of the physical. Your creativity and ideas need to be utilized – think outside the box. You have everything you need to manifest your dreams, and given time it will fall into place.

The eighth card is the Key, the World (21) inversed. This is apparently the third door after the obstacles have been crossed, and it is contains its own key to be opened. Because the door is shut right now in the inversed position doesn’t mean that it will always be. This is a riddle to your opportunity, the silver lining in the cloud. Change is usually positive in the end, and the wheel is always turning. Expect the unexpected.

The ninth and final card is the Hierophant (5), yet another type of doorway to your destiny. Learning, teaching and knowledge are all intertwined, and you may wish to choose this role either as teacher, student, or both simultaneously. This will lead you to something more, as there never truly is an outcome; it is just the transition of a cycle.

The cards tell us what we need to know, not necessarily what we thought we needed. This is a very spiritual answer to a very worldly issue, but I do feel that the Ace of Wands proclaims that you have a mission to fulfill, and that can only be done through the power of the Will. As you will, so mote it be!

Shoot for the moon artemis, and know at the very least you will land amongst the stars!


Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth

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