Merry Meet & Welcome

Welcome to the September Issue of PaganPages Magazine.


We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe summer and is ready for Fall to begin!!!

This month we are reopening our Yahoo group for all to join!  You can join our group by going to yahoo groups and looking up WBPaganF.  Everyone is welcome to join and we look forward to seeing you there!

Sexual Magick Column is back this month after a short break.  We welcome it’s author Olen back!

We have a new column starting this month:  Song of a Daily Druid by Alison Shaffer.  We welcome her to our family!

It is time for the Final Lesson in the Runes Class.  Be sure to check it out the last lesson and get your certificates!  You have all done so great!


We are blessed this month to have the art of Katherine Marie Bryant Warwick blessing our pages.  Be sure to view all of her gorgeous faery art.

Monthly Horoscope

September Monthly horoscope 2009 for Virgo and Libra (22 August – 22 October)


Virgo’s you are at you cleverest at this time and you original ideas will continue to flow throughout the rest of the year; opportunities arise to elevate your career choices. However, be careful not to make too many career changes, as you have a tendency to be a bit stubborn at times and others would have difficulty getting along with you.


Libra’s the juxtaposition of Venus and Uranus is giving a boost to your romantic side. However, be leery of unusual and or original ideas regarding love and the arts. Independenance and financial gain will be coming your way.

By: Michele Burke

A Prayer for Protection

I am blessed, shielded, and protected with
Divine Light.
I protect my mind, body, and spirit with
Divine Light.
I protect my home, car, and property with
Divine Light.
I protect my family, friends, and pets with
Divine Light.
Divine Light protects us above, below,
within, without, and all around.
So Mote it Be!

Written by: Darla “Fyre” Majick; NEPW Group Owner; Witch, Priestess, Reverend, Reiki 3 Practitioner, Crystal Therapist. Owner of Pagan events group New England Pagans and Witches. www.myspace.com/nepagansandwitches