New Moon Ethics: Musings on the Morals of Paganism

The Goddess Within

Hello my blessed friends, and greetings at the beautiful end of another summer, and the

beginning of a bright and beautiful fall. I trust that the goddess has bestowed many a blessing on

you and yours.

During the summer, we are surrounded by festivities and celebrations, such as Beltane

and Lughnasadh. We celerate birthdays, sleepovers, and we spend time migrating back to mother

nature to enjoy her beauty . There are times, however that we are faced  with challenges in our

lives, not just during the summer, but at any time. Sometimes we feel that

we are not strong enough to cope, that our hearts and souls are breaking. Other times we are

overwhelmed by the responsibilities in our lives. I have had such a summer, and now , after the

bridge has been crossed over, i would like to bond with you, my readers, on a level that we all

have in common. The love of our mother goddess.

Recently my husband and I were faced with quite a few problems in our life. Finances

were high, communication was low, and our affection went down to nothing. We decided that it had

come time for a trial seperation. We both needed time to return to ourselves, and to find that part

of our relationship that had become lost in the responsibilities of every day life. I took a

sabbatacle, both of my children and I. We returned to the country, to heal and to refocus. My

husband stayed behind so that he could take care of the financial duties back home.

Perhaps now you are wondering what all of this has to do with the ethics and morals

of paganism. After all, that is what my column is about. But more than that, I want to connect

with you, my readers, and to personalize with you on my experiences. Continueing on. 🙂

After leaving the city, I found solice in the quiet calm of the country. The birds singing

in the early morning, the sun shining through the leaves on the trees, the cows grazing in the

nearby field. The air smelled so fresh, my lungs seemed overcome with an urgency to take it

all in. I was able to think, to uncongest my mind. I spent a great amount of time outside, with

nature and all that she holds precious and true. I had grudgingly acknowledged my wrongs,

had spent much time thinking about what to do right, and also much time wondering to myself

where the goddess was in my time of need. I felt alone, dried up, and lost, a lone ship out to sea.

One night, while laying outside under the stars, I asked the mother goddess to aid me.

I knew that the decisions I was facing were not only going to affect me, and I needed guidence to

make clear and wise decisions to benefit the whole. I layed there, night after night, waiting for some

signal, some sign, that she had heard me.

I fell asleep one clear, warm night. The mosquitos were not biting, and the stars seemed to

be happy, twinkling brighter than before. My senses were more alert. The sign that I had been

Waiting for had finally come. As I lay there, undisturbed, an owl flew quietly above me, and as it did

it looked down upon me, and I heard a quiet voice in my head say to me “Follow your heart.” The

next day that same owl flew ahead, and looked down upon me again. This time there was no voice,

but the owl had flown so close that were I to have reached up, I would have touched him. He lingered

there, knowingly, and then went on his way. My spirit animal, my helper, had come to visit me, and

suddenly I filled with a knowledge that somewhere in me I had the strength to make those decisions

I needed to make. The mother goddess had heard me.

The next few months followed with several hurdles to get over. I had found a friend in my

brother in law, which drew speculation. I had no money which made times more stressful. My

sister in law and I were at odds, and that hurt. But through it all, I began to feel whole because I

knew that the mother goddess had heard me, she had listened, as she always does.

I went through humiliation, pain, and chaos. I came out better, stronger, and wiser. Our

mother goddess helped me to see the lessons of my errors, to show me that the glass is really

more than half full. There is pain in this world, but it is held in precious balance with happiness.

We need but to find that balance.

I often times find people of all races and religions asking themselves how their divine exists.

Trying to rationalize to themselves how something or someone that you cannot see can make such

a large impact on your life. We as humans strive to understand what we can see, and we strive to

explain what we cannot. But I ask you this, my dear readers, should we rationalize our mother

goddesses love for us?

When a parent loves their child, they do not rationalize, they feel. When a friend loves a

friend, they are willing to overlook their mistakes, and love them the same. Even young children

share love, without rationalizing. Love is irrational, and that is the beauty of it. The wild freedom

of our mother goddess to love us unconditionally, and forgivingly.

I believe that our divine, whether it be the mother goddess, or whichever divine that your

soul connects to, is found within our humility, our humanity. When we struggle, we find our

strength. When we hurt, we find our compassion. When we love and lose, we learn. The mother

goddess is not only around us, but she is within us as well. She is within that part of us that

needs time, alone, dedicated, sincere. It doesnt take much, just a few precious moments

each day to acknowledge her, and to give her thanks for all that she does within our lives.

I have a challenge for you, my friends. This next month, I want us all, myself included,

to not only spend more one on one time with the mother goddess, but to help shine a light for

those who are lost in the dark. We as a human race get so caught up in what needs to be, that we

often forget about what the heart needs to. Tell those you love how much they mean to you, hold

that persons hand as you walk. Help the elderly woman to her car from the grocery store. This month,

i want you, my readers, to help share the compassion and love to people, close and far. If our mother

goddess can improve our lives by being there and loving us unconditionally, then perhaps we can

make a difference in someone elses lives whith the love that she has bestowed upon us.

Until we next meet,

Brightest and most fervent blessings.

If you are looking for advice on pagan matters write to Naiyeetu at [email protected]