Night Rites

“Serpent Knowing Rite”

A solitary inner journey to regain your hidden knowledge for closure and healing.



A key

Small blackboard tablet

A piece of yellow or white chalk

A small representation of a snake

God and Goddess candles and holders

A chalice and plate

An offering bowl

A beverage and a food item


Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your own traditional way. When you are ready, cast a sacred circle and call forth the Elementals in your own traditional way. Invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.

Seat yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself walking along a quiet countryside road. The greenery around you is changing into the vibrant colors of autumn. You approach a crossroads, where a man and woman are sitting down in the grass. You approach them, and you can feel right away that you are in the presence of the God and Goddess. They look at you and know that you are on an important journey. You explain to them that you are looking for something that you lost that is very important to you.

Open your eyes and say:

God and Goddess, Ancient and Honorable Ones,

I have lost a part of myself that I need to regain.

I must bring back the the knowledge I had again.

I bound it up tightly with much pain and fear,

But to heal I need to draw it back to me near.

Please aid me in my search to find what I have lost,

And I’ll make humble offerings in which to pay the cost.

They stop and think for a few moments and then respond. Take to heart everything that they tell you. [Open your eyes and write it down if you need to.] They exchange looks with each other and then look back at you. The Goddess stands up and takes your hand. She places a key in your palm. The God stands up and points to East, and bids that you take the path to your right. You thank them graciously and go along your way.

Open your eyes and pick up the key from your altar. Know that this key is a gift from the Gods.

Close your eyes again. You are walking along this path for a little while before you come to a tall metal gate, and it is locked. Use your key to open the gate and venture in. You are walking into a quiet garden in the crisp autumn air. You notice that there are many plants and shrubs all around, and in the center of the garden is an apple tree. Walk towards the apple tree. At the base of the apple tree is a large golden snake. He watches you approach him and raises his head when you stop in front of him.

Open your eyes and pick up the representation of the snake. Say:

Sacred Serpent, Guardian of the Tree

I bid you to please listen to me.

I am in search for memories hidden deep,

and I was guided to this place for that which I seek.

Perhaps you know where I might find

Way to unbind my tangled mind?

The serpent listens intently to you, and replies:

The apple of knowing will unlock your thoughts,

but to taste such a fruit many have sought…

Are you prepared to remember all that will come,

and ready to deal with a flavor that might be sour on your tongue?

Open your eyes and say:

The apple of knowledge is powerful magick indeed,

But I am ready by my word and my deed.

I have cast the sacred circle and with the Gods did speak,

who led me to you in this secret garden for what I seek.

Please grant me my apple so the memories will be mine once more,

So that I may heal and let this wound no longer be sore.

The serpent come closer and looks you directly in the eyes. He can see your struggle and acknowledges that your intentions are pure. He coils his body around the apple tree as he climbs up its boughs. You watch him slither up the tree and along a branch above you. The branch starts to bend down towards you, and a shiny red apple is revealed from behind the leaves. You reach for the apple and pluck it from the branch. The serpent disappears among the leaves. You sit down beneath the tree and look at the apple.

Open your eyes and put down the representation of the key and snake. Draw a picture of the apple with the piece of chalk on the blackboard slate. Then place the snake on top of the apple.

Close your eyes again, and continue to look at the apple. It seems like just an ordinary apple. You take a bite from the apple, slowly chewing the piece and swallowing it.

You start to feel a deep warmth in your belly. It feels unusual but does not alarm you. The warmth travels from your belly up through your spine and neck and seems to settle right at your “third eye” at the middle of your forehead. Your regular eyesight seems to start to become cloudy and swirls with color.   You are not worried, because you can tell that this is an ancient magick that is reaching deep within your memories. You start to remember bits and pieces of your lost memories.

Open your eyes and let these memories come to you slowly. Write down the details as they come but don’t try to force them out. The remembering process may take place over the course of a few days. Allow it to come back to you naturally. (If you find that the memories are more than you can deal with, please seek professional counseling.)

When you are ready, take a few deep cleansing breaths. Imagine that you are walking out of the garden. Pass through the gate, close it, and lock it. Begin walking back along the path. When you come to the crossroads, you will see the God and Goddess once more. Bid them thanks and give them back the key, so that the next traveler may someday use it.

Open your eyes and make an offering of food and drink in their name.

Thanks the God and Goddess once more and then bid them farewell.

Thank the Elementals and let them take their leave.

Open the magick circle.

This rite is complete.