Reaching Reiki

with ReikiAwakening.com’s Alice Langholt

This month on Reaching Reiki I’m going to talk about Psychic Protection. For anyone who works with energy, whether Reiki, or other practices, protecting one’s energy is very important. Here’s why it’s important, and some ways to do it for yourself.

When we work with energy, either via meditation, yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, or any other practices, what’s happening is we are raising our energetic vibration. What does that mean? We are heightening our senses to be intuitively aware of our energy and that around us. Our Higher Selves, Guides, Angels, and Archangels exist at higher vibrations, and it is via raising our vibration that we connect with others and these sources. Also existing at higher vibrations are thought forms, negative energies, entities and manifestations. These are undesirable to have attaching themselves to our energy, and they are attracted to our energy when it’s vibrating at their frequency.

Sometimes a negative energy will attach itself to us accidentally – when it’s released from another person and thinks we are the Light. Sometimes we unwittingly pick up negative energy from another person who is sending it out unknowingly. You can often sense a person who has negative energy, because that person may make you uncomfortable to be around. You may feel drained or tired out simply by being near that person. Sometimes negative energy will attach itself to us purposefully, sent knowingly by another person with intent to harm. The last two examples are known as Psychic Vampires – people who knowingly or unknowingly absorb your good energy or send out their negative energy to you.

Now let’s talk about protecting yourself! It’s good to work with the Light – to help others through Reiki or energy work, and help ourselves as well. So don’t toss out the process. Just learn to protect your energy – shield yourself from harm – and all will be well. There are many ways to do this. Here are some examples:

* Intention – this is very powerful! Every day upon getting up, before going to bed, before energy work of any kind, and as needed, intend that you be shielded in a white, golden, or blue cloak of light energy. Really imagine putting it on, zipping it up, and pulling on a big hood. This is your protection. Intend that it be so, and it will be.
* Cleanse your space – There are many ways to do this. One is by smudging – burning a sage smudge stick and wafting the smoke around every room you want to protect. Another is by putting crystals around the room. Crystals have lots of energy, and give off good energy, while absorbing negative. You may need to cleanse your crystals in salt, water, or via giving them Reiki.
* Ask for help – angels are there to help you. Just ask for angelic protection before bed, and before any sort of energy work. Ask, and tune in to feel them surrounding you with loving light and shielding. You can ask that angels be stationed in each room of your house, or the corners of the room you are in, or surrounding you. Don’t underestimate the power of asking the angels for help.
* Self-heal – Be sure to run energy through yourself regularly to clear out anything you don’t need, remove blockages, and help yourself. If you have Reiki or another energy healing practice, use that. If not, visualizing energy flowing in your crown and down your body, while visualizing energy coming up from the earth into your feet, both meeting at your heart will help connect you to the cosmos and the earth, and flush what does not serve you down and out, to replace it with fresh light energy from above. This is called Grounding, and it’s beneficial several times a day.

The bottom line? Be sure you are caring for yourself as you reach out to help others, or open yourself to connecting with higher energies. While energy work is important, enlightening, and increases your intuitive development, it also makes you vulnerable to negative stuff that’s out there. Learn to protect your energy to safely grow in your intuitive abilities and potential.

With love and light,