Sexual Magick **Adult Content**


Taboo and Sexual Energy

Of all areas of one’s life there is no area as enmeshed with Prohibition and Taboo as one’s Sexuality. Sexual impulse and energy was the basis of the modern Psychoanalytical movement as propagated by Sigmund Freud. Freud was able to identify many dysfunctional patterns within humanity’s social structure as being the result of repression of sexual impulses… particularly as advocated by (but not the exclusive property of) the Orthodox Monotheistic Faiths. At the same time it is important to recognize that the modern revival of various Pagan and Neo-Pagan Faiths is in part a reaction to the restrictions (on perfectly Natural Behaviors) that are so strongly advocated in the Orthodox Monotheistic Religions. It is also important to recognize (before I’m accused of demonizing the Abrahamic Faiths) that nearly all ancient Religions, whether Pagan or Monotheistic, include prohibitions and taboos of various types… sexual and non-sexual. When it comes to Magick, a great deal of energy is released by the violation of a Sexual Taboo. This is obvious, even on a casual level, where some folk’s find semi-public acts or other personal taboos, to be so very exciting. Let’s look at Taboos a bit closer… from a Magickal perspective… particularly when it comes to Ritual, but first a note of caution; sexually prohibited actions can also be harmful to an individual in many cases, and one should do some self-examination or engage themselves in therapy, if this is the case. Neither, am I advocating that you just go out and violate all of your personal values and morals (unless you are extremely attractive and live in Eastern Michigan… did I mention I may be reached through……..), just to do so. What I am saying is that in some cases, where there are very few hang-ups, neuroses, etc.; violating a taboo (which can be simply trying a new activity)can release a great deal of Repressed Energy. This same Sexual Energy is what fuels the operations commonly referred to as Magick. However, the level of consciousness at which the operation is conducted can alter the ceremony dramatically. The Taboo can be literally broken,

Symbolically broken, vicariously broken. But one should not proceed to a level that can be psychologically or physically harmful to themselves or another participant. In regular life… one couple may find it appealing to role play and dress up as characters different from their normal selves… another couple may find this akin to a rejection of either his or her self, or both… or even perceived as a form of cheating. Although both couples may be able to identify the activity as a dramatic portrayal of a taboo (sex outside the monogamous relationship); one couple is able to utilize this as a tool to release greater amounts of sexual energy, while the other is only able to view the suggestion as a personal rejection, and the energies are again unhealthily repressed… or harmfully misdirected. However, if one can take a more healthy and Magickal view of Sex… the dramatic role playing of the Taboo of Sex with another partner (i.e. your attired as other people than yourselves), when combined with the assumption of the Astral Figures of the appropriate Deities by the Participants, can actually release the energy required to “jump start” or enliven these Astral Forms as Psychic Generators… which are able to bestow this same Creative energy, elsewhere… as directed. When one participates in the performance of a Taboo, whether performed directly in a Physical Manner, Vicariously by observation of Ritual, Symbolically such as in a Eucharistic Rite, or Dramatically as in Ritual Performance and Role Playing… there is a not only a release of energy but adiminishment in the Ego. This diminishment in the Ego is every bit as important as the release of Energy that occurs. In a Dramatic Ritual the diminishment in Ego that occurs simultaneously with the release of Sexual Energy (which is Psychically amplified by the performance of the Taboo), may be utilized to allow the Consciousness of the Deity being invoked to, in effect, fill the space vacated by the now diminished Ego. Meanwhile, this now expanding Force of Deity is energetically fueled or catalyzed by the released Sexual and Creative Energies. In this way is Humanity able to imitate Deity and even Create Deity itself… to some degree. Now, the invoked Deities, which have become conduits for this Creative Force, are able to administer it to the other Celebrants (if there are any) either through Eucharistic Rites, Symbolically, Vicariously, Directly (via Orgiastic Rites), to charge Talismans or Amulets, to direct Spells, Theurgy, etc. Hopefully this has provided fuel for thought into the energies released by permitting that which is forbidden. I have stuck with providing more in the way of hints than specific guidelines in performance. However, there is more than enough information there to allow those that are ready to apply the information, to do so. The forces are very real as are the risks involved. In the right hands these methods are a blessing in the wrong hands they can be a curse. Use with caution and Blessed Be!