The Elements

The Air –
so crisp and clear.
It tells me what I need to hear.
It encourages me to think deeper.
It whispers the truth in my ears.

The Earth –
so solid and strong.
It takes on my pain, transforming it.
It helps me to stand strong.
It loves me like a mother would.

The Fire –
so passionate and light.
It brings illumination to what I need to see.
It burns away the hurt and pain.
It keeps me warm when I feel the chill.

The Water –
so cool and refreshing.
It washes me of all my worries.
It glides me along the current of my life.
It blesses me with peace.

The Spirit-
the one that lives inside me.
It keeps all of my memories, my skills, my talents.
It helps me learn my lessons and grow.
It is who I am – as above, so below.