The Indigo Child

Well yet another month has come and gone an just like last month the response to The Indigo Child column has been exceptional, So without further beating around the preverbal bush let’s get down to business and address this month’s issue.

Question one:

Wishteriaon wrote: Growing up in a very Christian family, I was terribly alone and terrified of the ‘gifts’ I had. The only person who seemed to accept my sincere and innocent behaviors from early childhood was taken from me at an early age. At twenty, I visited a professor of Parapsychology who told me I was an intuitive empathic and if I did not learn how to channel my gift, it could make me ill, and could even kill me. Well… that scared me to the point that again, I tried to suppress the ‘knowing’. I never had any direction; I didn’t read any books on any of the metaphysical subjects…. And yet, I still have the ‘knowing’. I was gifted scholastically, with a high IQ, but I was a loner, always afraid of what others would say if they knew I was empathic and psychic. Does this mean that I was an Indigo? I’m 54 years old now….so I was born in the 50’s. And one more aspect is, I’m raising my niece’s little boy who is scary smart! He is four, but constructs his sentences and thoughts as if he was forty! He gets so angry and impatient, especially when he thinks he is not being understood. Could it be that I am the one who is supposed to be raising an Indigo? But how? No one raised, or helped me, so how can I help him understand why he is so special too?

Michele: After reading your response I would say yes most definitely you were and are and Indigo. And I say this because all indigo children as well as adults I have ever met myself included were born with special gifts such as those you mentioned and as for feelings of being a loner that also is a classic sign… Now as for you raising your great nephew I do sincerely believe that you were chosen to raise this wonderful little human being because you are the one who is able to relate to him and his needs. You said that he has a way about him that would seem to exceed his physical years; that is very typical for an Indigo child. They have a way about them that one generally sees in an older individual, when looking into an indigo child’s eyes it is like (for lack of a better term) looking into a window of wisdom.

Question 2:

Earth Circle Creations wrote: It’s been interesting being an indigo child. Yes, there were certain gifts that I have had when being young. My parents still remark that I was able to read and start comprehending text on paper when I was 2. Able to take apart can openers and hair dryers when I was 3 (never mind putting them back together) and was diagnosed as ADD when I entered school. Such as the dreamers we were and some parents and schools who were not able to utilize our gifts and talents stamped us as ADD and medicate us to fit the norm. But, that’s another rant.

I attended a festival in Columbus, Ohio called the Universal Light Expo in 2007 and there was a talk on Crystal and Indigo children.

Supposedly, parents of the indigo children grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and were the hippies. This started a foundation or a floor of acceptance.

Then, the Indigo children were born. Those were children who have completed their Karma and were ready and sent her to prepare the world for the next stage of evolution.

Then, Crystal children were born, who had NO Karma. It was up to the Indigo children to protect the Crystal children until they can take care of themselves. Those are the children that can speak entire conversations with you when they look at you.

I know of several Crystal children. My niece is one and she absolutely adores me. I am hers and she is mine so to speak. So, I am here for her and others. I know of a family not too far from where I live. They have two older Indigo children boys and two younger Crystal children girls. Their parents are close to modern-day hippies as you can get, minus the pot. They will have their hands full and they are so full of love for their kids.

That’s all from me for now.

Michele: Believe me I totally understand where you are coming from when you talk about the stigma a child goes through being labeled as having ADD or ADHD and then be medicated to the extent you don’t know whether you are coming or going. It is a shame that more Doctors, Therapists and even teachers cannot come to grips with the reality that not every child is a cookie cutter cut out; they are not Stepford children they are our future and our past and until that notion finally gets through to the rest of the world we as Indigo’s, crystals and the parent there in are just going to have to come to the realization that it is our duty to educate those who are still misdiagnosing our children. I am so glad your little niece has someone around that she can relate to and feel comfortable with; it was and is both your destinies to be together in this life. Cherish each other…

I hope as always that I have been able to bring some insight to those who have sent their questions in and as always to the PaganPages readers. So until next time BB