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When you are buying Turquoise, make sure that you are using a reputable dealer.  Sometimes Howlite is died blue and sold as Turquoise.  Most Howlite is naturally white and is easy to color.  Any reputable dealer will be honest with you and state whether it is turquoise in color or Turquoise the stone.  If you are in doubt, you can ask the dealer to tell you which mine the Turquoise came from.  Usually if the stone is very bright blue, that is a good indicator that the stone could be dyed.  The following website gives a few examples of dyed Howlite and plastic turquoise beads.  Genuine Turquoise will be more expensive, but it is worth it.


Turquoise is a stone of immense power and has a lot of legend and lore surrounding it.  Middle Easterners believed that it protected from evil spirits and the evil eye.  These protective properties extend to riders, protecting them from falls.  It even protected against negative energies.

The Navajo kept carvings of horses and sheep in Turquoise to guard against negative magic.  The bright blue color of Turquoise is said to change to warn of negativity in someone else, the stone may even break.  The color can fade when the bearer is threatened with danger, illness, or if under too much stress. Turquoise can absorb the oils in your skin and fade over time.  Most Turquoise dealers are now stabilizing the color to help avoid this fading.  This also helps harden the stone since Turquoise is a relatively soft stone.

In Tarot, Turquoise can represent The Hanged Man.  This card shows a state of inner peace and acceptance.  There is a strong spiritual element to this card; allowing you to understand that what was meant to happen will happen, Turquoise connects very strongly to that.  Turquoise in divination is very much a Karma stone.  It represents Karma and tells us that now is the time to sit back and let Karma take the reigns.  This stone is very spiritual and really encourages just sitting back and letting things happen as they are supposed to.  Trust in the universe to take care of you.   There is a natural order and it is present and in control, the more you fight it the harder the change will be.

Turquoise promotes courage, healing, luck, and serenity.  It attracts money and aids in creative problem solving.  As a Karmic stone, it helps you understand how things work and where you fit in.  This aids in the search for who you truly are.  Turquoise is a subtle stone that works slowly and with divine inspiration.

Some believe that it controls the weather.  Navajo threw it into a river while praying for rain in order to bring rain.  Turquoise guides hunter’s arrows.  It is a traditional gift for lovers.  It is said that it brings happiness and good fortune when given by a loving hand.  If there is infidelity, Turquoise will turn black.

It provides solace for the spirit and well being for the body.  By dissolving self-sabotage, it instills an inner calm that is uplifting.  It is an excellent stone for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks.  It helps explore past lives and astral travel.  It shows how fate is ongoing.  Turquoise is a strengthening stone that unites the Earth and the Sky.