Nite Rites

“Lovespoon Rite”

This rite is an enchantment of a wedding and/or handfasting gift.


One wooden spoon


A picture of the happy couple

Essential and carrier oils of your choice

2 dram amber-colored empty bottle

Small funnel and dropper

God and Goddess candles and holders

Offering of food and drink

Wood carving tools



Find out what flowers the couple are including in their wedding/handfasting ceremony. Try to locate an essential oil of one of the floral scents. Using a small funnel and dropper, mix 3 drops of the essential oil with some carrier oil in a 2 dram amber-colored bottle. Place the cover on tightly and shake the bottle until the oils are mixed well.


Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your own traditional way. When you are ready, cast a sacred circle and call forth the Elementals in your own way, spoken or non-spoken. Invoke the God and Goddess, welcome them to your circle, and light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.

Pick up the picture of the happy couple, and say:

This couple will soon commit to their future life in a handfasting.

May their partnership be abundant with love everlasting!

Pick up the wooden spoon, and say:

This lovespoon is a tool for feeding twin souls,

So may their union make them feel as one – whole!

Carve the happy couple’s initials into the backside of the spoon. Then, dip a q-tip into the oil mixture you prepared earlier and trace the initials with the oil, while saying:

With essence of flower in the carving of wood,

May my hopes for this couple be understood.

Let their lives be full of luck and love ever after,

With long nights of bliss and long days of laughter.

May they find themselves full from what love does give,

And may they eat of it heartedly for as long as they live!

Make an offering of food and drink in the name of the God and Goddess, thank Them and bid Them farewell. Thank the Elementals and let them take their leave.  Open the magick circle.  This rite is complete.


Tie a little note to the spoon with a red ribbon, suggesting that the couple hang the lovespoon in their kitchen and anoint it together every year on their anniversary! Don’t forget to include the bottle of the essential oil you used in the enchantment!