Yeah For the Moon

It is the full moon, the right silvery globe, dazzling and dangling from the heavens, that beckons me to stay awake, and not sleep the witching hours away.

As I lay tossing and muttering sleepless phrases the shadows play and warp with the changing of clock numbers…2, 3, 4, 5…

With futile, uneventful and perilous (to sanity) sleepiness, and exasperation, I stumble out of bed and greet the daylight hours with a finesse likened only to a very depraved expression…much like one freely given to an annoying driver on the freeway.

So begins my day, and yet it makes perfect sense that the Moon should take prominence. It is the full moon, and Monday after all. And as She lends Her hours to Her Brother, Sun, She slips below the horizon gracefully bowing below like royalty in a parade.

And so I say-

Yeah for the Moon

Her glorious magical orb

that whispers charming antidotes

in our nighttime awareness.

Yeah for the Moon

bathed in mystery and serenity,

granting us polarities of order and chaos

birthing balanced extremes into existence.

Yeah for the Moon

showing us pathways

of bold, unorthodox, and powerful ways

ancient gifts, for those fearless to grasp them.

Yeah for the Moon!

10/5/09 a sleepless harvest night/morning