A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

*The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds.
This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth.

Winter in the Hedge
The Wheel has turned again, and I find myself standing in a threshold.
Thresholds are the most magical and mysterious of all places, and ones in which anything can happen.
But they can also feel scary, because we don’t know what’s on the other side.
Yet, I have walked by my faith for many years, and know that there is a plan for me, and I am living it.
It just feels strange to me to not know quite what to do next.
I’ve always been a sort of “make a list and check it twice” girl, but when you run out of list, you still have to keep going.
In addition to other changes, I have recently closed my shop, and have cut back on numerous activities. As a gardener, I am always drawn to the growing-things metaphor, and now, I am in a spot in my life where I have felt the pruner’s knife, and watched the old things fall away.
I know this is a healthy part of development, but it is always a little sad, painful, and again, uncertain.
I suspect that many folks are facing uncertain times in their lives as this new year unfolds. I believe I am in good company, among those who believe what is meant to be will be, but don’t quite know what that means right now.
I have spent my restless energy cleaning out closet and donating huge amounts of things to charity. I need some “new” in my life (though I am not exactly sure what kind, yet) so I decided to make some room for it.
I believe this is a time to reach out to the other people who are also feeling as though they are in-between lives. Perhaps their old life ended because of loss or change of jobs, or houses, or partners. In any event, they find themselves feeling lost, and probably somewhat alone. I feel it is important to keep in mind, when we feel alone, there is absolutely someone else also feeling alone.
We can spend time with others who are having a hard time finding their miracle.
This is my mission, as one of the “lost”. To find others, and encourage them to be hopeful. To keep on believing. Even when it seems hopeless or impossible.
This is the thing that feeds my faith.
I have known Winter before. When all the leaves in life seem to die at once, and it is so frozen that nothing seems to be moving.
But I have also seen Spring come to that dark, gloomy landscape, and fill it, in its season, with life and abundance, once more.
This is the promise of Yule, and the certain return of the sun.
To all those, whose Sun seems to be returning slowly; to those who feel all on their own, I implore you, hang on! Tie a knot in the rope you are hanging by and hang on a bit longer.
I join you, there, next rope over, also hanging on and encouraging you to know you are not alone.
Maybe by reaching out, we can not only be blessed, but bless someone else, who needs something good to happen to them right now.
Reaching out with brightest blessings for your miracle this new year