Gems of the Goddess

Gaia, Greek Goddess of the Earth

Today, we are going to discuss Gaia (also called Gaea or Ge), the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Gaia is considered as the “Great Goddess”, “Mother Earth” and “Mother Nature”.   Her equivalent in Roman mythology is Terra Matter.  She is usually pictured as a woman with some sort of green around her. Most pictures have shown her pregnant with the world in her belly. There are others with Gaia sitting in the leaves, blowing them around off her hand and finally others of her sitting on a throne with cornucopia surrounding her. The Root Chakra, femininity, nature, fertility and spirit are associated with Gaia.
Gaia was created out of Chaos to give birth to all of earth.  When living things die, they must return to her when their lives and time on earth is over.  Gaia is known in the Greek tradition to have stretched out of the beginning of time, becoming the earth’s land. She continues to give life and sustenance to the world, even when the weather turns cold. Promises made with one hand “one Gaia’s sacred soil” are known to be irrevocable. Gaia is known for abundance, thankfulness, nature, promises and earth.

Gaia is believed to be the original deity behind the Oracle at Delphi. Depending on what different stories you read, Gaia passed her knowledge to Apollo or Apollo slay the great serpent (or Dragon) Pytho and forced Gaia out.

Gaia is the Mother Goddess. She can be worked with when looking for grounding, growth in times of trouble or finding your footing in the physical world.   Gaia’s sacred animals are the serpent, the lunar bull, bees and the pig.  In her hand, a poppy may be transmuted to a pomegranate.

Some ways you can connect with Gaia are by eating a delicious meal with elements of the earth – Lentils, Greens, Vegetables, Breads or Crock Pot meals, for example.  You can also walk on the earth barefoot.  Another way is to connect with your physical body (for example breathing deeply) and also by nurturing your dreams – make them a reality (part of the earth).

Also, the Gaia stone is associated with Gaia, coming from volcanic ash from Mt St. Helen’s and carries the “Soul of the Earth”.  It connects the Goddess energy strongly, including the Earth and Earth Devas.  It is known to heal emotional wounds and past traumas by working with the heart chakra.

When you want to make changes to your life, create opportunities to feel grounded or be a part of nature, call on Gaia to help you transmute those ideas into reality.