Grounding into the Elements

The holidays can be a hectic and trying time.  There is always someplace to go or something that needs to be done.  So, as the new year comes and things start to settle down we often start to feel melancholy because we deal with the loss of friends and family as we gravitate back to our own lives.

It can be difficult to readjust and find the balance.  When that happens it’s often good to get back to basics.  I can’t think of anything more fundamental and more basic to most pagans than the elements.  In almost every path they are honored. So, in that respect we will be grounding into the elements and reconnecting with the earth to bring balance back into our lives.

This meditation and grounding is written to be done indoors, but is easily adapted to outdoor and group use.  You’ll want to gather items that represent each element.  Some suggestions are: Earth – Use a rock, a crystal or a dish of salt.  Air – You can use a feather, burning incense, or a fan turned on low.  Fire – Place a lit candle, a statue of a dragon, or a red flower on your altar. Water – Use a container filled with water, a shell, or a picture of mermaid or water deity.  Remember these are just suggestions; use the items with which you have a connection.

Arrange the items you’ve chosen on your altar or in front of you where you can see them.  Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Repeat this several times feeling more at peace and centered with each exhalation.  Allow the day to melt away from you as you focus on balance and tuning yourself to the elements.

We’ll start with the element of earth to provide us a good foundation.  Touch the item you have that represents earth.  Feel the weight of it and the texture.  What does this item represent and mean to you?  Contemplate the subtle strength and stability of earth and what it brings into your life.

Place your hands on or through (incense) item that represents air.  Though this element is not always tangible it is always present down to our very breath.  What does the item you’ve chosen represent and mean to you?  Consider the creativity and inspirational nature of this element.

How is the element of fire represented on your altar?  Take the item and observe it, if it’s a flame, or consider what other way you may have chosen to recognize fire.  What does the item you’ve chosen represent and mean to you?  Fire can both destroy and provide rebirth.  Ponder what the element of fire and the passion and rebirth it can bring into your life.

Finally, take the item that represents water from your altar.  What does this item represent to you? The element of water is often representative of emotions and intuition.  Reflect on how water manifests in your life and the tranquility you seek.

You have taken each element in turn.  You’ve contemplate what each item means to you.  Now, considered what you want to bring into your life from each that would bring you personal balance.

Finish your grounding by reciting the following:

    Through the elements I find strength, inspiration, passion, and peace.
    Each has its place and through them I find my balance and poise.
    The strength of the standing stones sustains me.
    The inspiration of the breeze carries me.
    The passion of the flame lights my path.
    The tranquil waters bring me comfort and peace.
    These are the aspects of the elements that I draw to me.

As I will it so shall it be!