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Residual Haunting VS Intelligent Haunting

There are quite a few different types of haunting, but I wanted to discuss two that are often misunderstood by those who are not in the field of paranormal research. Let’s look into the differences between a residual haunting and an intelligent haunting.

A residual haunting can be best described as a recording, a moment in time that will continue to play out over and over again.. For example a person dealing with a residual haunting may mention they notice the same sound of a woman crying or the same smell of a cigar at a specific time every day. Nothing ever changes with this activity and some believe that these are not even spirits but imprints in time.. With a residual haunting there is no way to interact during a investigation. Even if a full bodied apparition is seen with this activity, it is not aware of our presence. What causes a residual haunting is still up for debate, but a common theory is that it is left over energy that has somehow become part of the surrounding area. A very important, life changing, or traumatic event that was so significant it is now timeless and runs on a continuous loop.

An intelligent haunting is one that we can interact with. This involves a spirit or entity that can somehow communicate with us as we ask questions or request actions. This type of haunting does not follow a specific pattern or routine. This may be a spirit of a human who had a sudden or traumatic death and may not realize they have passed away, or in some extreme cases, a non human entity. While investigating an intelligent haunting is definitely rewarding to experience, it does not offer a guarantee. The spirit or entity may not always be cooperative or friendly. There is definitely more of a risk when investigating an intelligent haunting.

As always, timing is everything. While doing an investigation always research what type of haunting is taking place. A residual haunting can occur at the same time every day, a few times a month or just on a specific anniversary once a year. An intelligent haunting is something that occurs more randomly. During any investigation it is important to keep all of your senses sharp. When investigating an intelligent haunting make sure you are aware of the spirit activity involved, whether it is human, non human, passive or aggressive. This will not only help to keep you safe but also allows for the best preparation.

If you have the opportunity to experience either type of haunting you are very lucky. To experience a residual haunting, you have the chance to witness something so intense it was permanently absorbed into and continues to bleed through time itself. To experience an intelligent haunting you have the ability to attempt contact and receive answers to age old questions of the afterlife. Paranormal investigating equipment is improving rapidly which enables us to acquire the proof we so desperately need, and to continue our education of the paranormal.