A Witch’s View

Here in the UK we’ve had, so far according to the weathermen, the worst winter for 30 years.  A few days of snow brought much of the country to a standstill with people stranded in their cars and schools shut for days.

It was the first time my children (the eldest is 11) experienced what it was like to walk in snow and ice.  And yet when I was a child snow was a regular part of winter and I remember, not fondly, walking to school with cold, wet feet and wishing for the sun to reappear.  I have to confess to feeling pretty much the same way as an adult.

But with this rather unexpected winter-like behaviour in winter, it got me to think about the cycle of the seasons and how winter is a truly beautiful time of the year.

On the first day of snowfall the world as I knew it turned white.  A pure, brilliant white made from millions of unique flakes that had danced down from the heavens to land on the earth.  The ground, trees, cars, roofs were all covered indiscriminately.  And everything was chilled, frozen, in stasis.

It’s during this season when we’re all given a fresh start.  It’s the time to move with nature at her slowest pace; to hibernate away from the cold and to reflect on what you want to achieve during the coming warmer months.  We need to take our cues more from Mother Earth and dance her dance.

The snow didn’t last very long here – it was gone in just over a week.  And although it did cause some disruption, I enjoyed the opportunity to experience both the bitterness and beauty of the season.