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Carnelian is a type of Agate with Iron impurities.  It is an extremely feminine stone and is attuned strongly with the Earth.  If you are going through legal issues, carrying Carnelian will help you.  It helps the truth be found and if you are in the right can help legal proceedings go your way.

Many cultures have beliefs about Carnelian.  Muslims called it a Mecca Stone and used it as protection against the evil eye.  In Buddhism it represents faith, perseverance, and wisdom.  In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is mentioned numerous times.  It was used as an amulet to protect a mummy’s soul in the afterlife.  When Osiris died, Isis cried tears of blood.  Those tears are said to be Carnelian.

This stone can still anger and strengthen voice. It protects against enchantment, aids astral travel, and brings inner peace; even remove the fear of death.  Carnelian is a symbol of joy, peace, courage, and healing.  It can heal trauma and protect against envy, rage, and resentment.  As a grounding stone it anchors you in the present. At the same time, Carnelian draws on past experiences to strengthen creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

It can help you realize ideas and make plans.  You can overcome shyness, with Carnelian as it helps you feel comfortable within your own skin.  This helps you learn to trust yourself.  It also helps overcome negative conditioning and assists in positive life changes.  Even day dreams can be turned into everyday reality when working with Carnelian.

Carnelian can improve analytic ability, restore vitality and motivation, open new avenues for success, and aid in positive life choices.  Carnelian’s feminine properties make it an excellent choice for fertility and pregnancy.  It increases energy and heals trauma.  Carnelian is also one of the rare stones that can be used to cleanse other stones.