Interview with High Priestess Regan


Faeries dancing by the light

of the moon, Flower garden.

_ High Priestess

May 20, 2008

High Priestess Regan is a self-inspired harpist, classical vocalist, producer and composer who has accomplished a feat never achieved before. High Priest Regan has captured the first ever live recording of Faerie music. From the very first track the listener will become captivated by its ethereal aural imagery.

Michele Burke ~ 2010 PaganPages.org

Interview with High Priestess Regan

Pagan Pages: What were the driving forces that led you to the Faerie Archives?

High Priestess Regan: It was the Faerie’s themselves, actually.

PP: In this you’re new CD Faerie Archives what was your main inspiration?

HPR: I had realized that most of my gigs were solo harp gigs, and I really wanted a cd to offer that would give people a similar experience to the show they had just seen. So last winter I got serious and hired myself to produce a solo harp album. But that alone wasn’t enough of a challenge for me. I decided to do it as a magickal spell from start to finish. Once I opened the portal the faeries themselves were clamoring to share their music. I created magickal space, and invited the faerie spirit in and emptied myself to hold their inspiration. The music which emanated from this experiment is unlike anything I have ever created myself. There was very little pre-existing material to anchor me in this realm.

PP: How long have you been a Priestess?

HPR: Being devoted to the call of the Goddess something that feels true for me for many lifetimes. I started using the title High Priestess to refer to myself as a musical entity almost a decade ago. I found the imagery of the High Priestess in the tarot, and catalyzed me onto a path which I knew was musical and spiritual. It was that which I called my musical project, but I didn’t feel that I was ordained… in fact, it was more like sending out a beacon to those wise women Priestesses I hadn’t met yet. I longed for Priestesses who could teach me the ancient mysteries. Before my entitlement I hadn’t found the path I was looking for…

PP: Can you tell our readers how long have you been performing and healing through your harp?

HPR: I’ve been playing harp for 7 years now. The first 3 years the harp healed me, and after that she has turned her attention to those who are around me. Before I played the harp I was a classical pianist.

PP: Can you tell us about “Be a Goddess Save the World”?

HPR: Oh How exciting! Be a Goddess Save the World is a yearlong study track ending in a performance of the myths of your chosen Goddess at Burning Man! We culminate with a ritual where you are affirmed and venerated as your deity in an immense throne by a room full of people. The world needs beings who are consciously radiating divine light! Most people’s ideas of divinity are so entwined with the Judeo-Moslem-Christian morass that it is extremely liberating to align with deities which exemplify the traits of the natural world. From the pleasure loving Pan to the Goddess of chaos to the Lord of the underworld, we all contain these unchristian parts, and they are as holy as our bliss, radiance and compassion.

PP: What do you mean when you say we have “Super Powers”?

HPR: As human beings there are several ways that we interact with reality which, when properly harnessed, will act as super powers in the mundane world. In this afternoon workshop, we explore the nature of reality, magick and how easy it is to influence the physical plane with your will. The truth is that each one of us is a being of incomprehensible power, with the ability to transmute emotion, dissolve obstacles and soar far beyond the normal human waking consciousness. A few super powers are: your word, your will, your love, your rage, your longing and your pleasure.

PP: Is the Goddess energy growing in women?

HPR: I am experiencing a vast quickening in women. I meet more and more women at events, and they are all yearning for deeper knowledge, hearing the call of the Great Goddess in their own way. I think women are realizing that they must find their power and assist in midwifing the world through this great shift. There is a part of all of us that just wishes someone else would do it, but as the hour grows later, the desperation of the situation draws forth the heroine in all of us.

PP: Does every woman have the ability to grow their Goddess energy?

HPR: The Goddess is already in every woman. We are actually made of her. There is no way to separate from the Divine Mother. It is possible for anyone to attune more to her, and to perfect themselves to hold more of her pure, love energy. Furthermore all men and transgendered folks also have this ability. The Goddess, in her multifaceted light is available for everyone. She will meet you where you are, if you only open your heart.

PP: I see that your harps name is Desiré, why this name? Does it have any special meaning?

HPR: The enchanting creature known as Desiré is now existing in the form of a harp. Before that she was part of some beautiful trees, and before that she was raindrops and sunlight and particles of sacred metal and stone which sifted up from the earth’s core to join the dance of humanity. When I consecrated her, the name came unbidden to my mind, and I knew her then as a being of great age and wisdom. The name means desire, which seems to be her whole vibration. She fills me with sweet longing to stroke her vibrating strings, and she fills others with the desire for simpler times.

PP: How did you come by such a wonderfully magic instrument as Desiré?

HPR: It was pure magick that brought Desire and I together. I was learning to play a smaller harp, which quickly became a pure and powerful way for me to emanate divine feminine energy. I knew I was in alignment for a larger professional Celtic harp. I started telling people that I was expecting a new harp, that I would come across with magickal means. Soon enough a friend commented that he knew of just such a harp that his friend was trying to sell. The harp he spoke of was found by his friend in Santa Cruz, being played by 2 homeless hippie guys. She was looking for a harp for one of her students who was dying of a terrible disease. They had contacted the Make A Wish foundation and funding was in place for the right instrument. She tested the harp, which looked kind a bad with missing strings and dreadful tuning… After a twist of her tuning key she soon won them over, and the young men insisted she take the harp for her student. She offered them the money she had with her, about $50. When she got home, she got more curious about the instrument, which turned out to be quite fine, with no physical damage whatsoever. She found a notebook of one of the hippies in the side pocket of the case, and went out searching for him. She hoped to get some answers about the origin of the harp. She looked all over, and finally found one of the guys in a coffee shop. She presented the notebook, but couldn’t persuade him to remember her, or the harp. When she got home, the make a wish foundation had found another harp for the young man. So she decided to sell the extra harp fast and for cheap, as she paid almost nothing, and has a house full of harps already. When I came to look at her, I fell in love! I offered a small deposit, vowing to pay the rest after we finished our upcoming travels… When I got home, I had a royalty check for the exact amount of the harp. I knew the Goddess would take care of me!

PP: How is your Harp a consecrated musical instrument?

HPR: I did a ceremony around Yule the year I got her, and also do a small ceremony before I play her each time.

PP: How where you able to catch the first recording of Faerie music?

HPR: It was due to the tiny battery operated recorders!  They are so small, and have such a tiny electromagnetic footprint! This enabled me to place a recorder, and leave it recording for hours, alone, with no humans to chase the fae away.

PP: Do you believe that regardless of our heritage we all are “connected as one “, if so how?

HPR: We are all earthlings, regardless of our physiology or beliefs. Our idea that our bodies are separate from the environment around us is false. Most people think they end at their skin. But the deeper truth is far stranger than that neat little idea. We also have an energetic body which interacts with our physical body. It is much older and vaster than our flesh, and is deeply interconnected to the other life forms around us. Our soul stuff forms a web which covers the entire planet.

PP: How far reaching is your music?

HPR: I’ve received favorable reviews from all over the US, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Greece and Japan.

PP: Do you believe that there will be someone else to come and carry on the Faerie traditions?

HPR: I’m certain the faeries have been around as long as us, and will always be here to whisper a world of mischief into the ears of the willing.

PP: If people would like to know more about you or attend one of your workshops where would they go?

HPR: I have a monthly newsletter I put out called the MOONLETTER. This email has information about upcoming ceremonies, performances and workshops. It also has a section where I promote other businesses by amazing God/desses I know, some astrology data and my infamous full moon Scribe to the Tribe. To sign up for this just drop an email to [email protected]

  • For those who would prefer not to give an email, the info is also posted on myspace.com/advancedbliss and on Facebook, username hps Regan.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank High Priestess Regan for allowing us such a advantageous opportunity to learn more about the Goddess and the woman behind the harp. Until next we meet may you be Blessed Be…

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