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High Priestess Regan


artist Erin Martinez


The Facts on Carnelian


The continuation of our Newest Column on the Magick of Colors: Featuring Burgandy

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Monthly Horoscope


Aquarius 2010 Horoscope (20 Jan – 18 February)

Aquarians you will see exciting trends not only in finance but within your work as well, but hold off on any new ventures until after the end of May 2010. Your Cognitive capabilities will be on the rise through the month of May. Your family life will be more fulfilling now than ever. So sit back and relax as good things are on their way.

By: CelticMoon

Monthly Prayer

A new beginning awaits thee
A new beginning awaits me.
A future still unseen.
Although the past still beckons me to remember,
the time to forget is still in my favor.
The present is weighed down with my labor.
With powers from with in, with out and all around me,
I seek to find the happiness long forgotten.
And may it find me
Of this I ask and I plead,
all the powers that be.
Give me happiness, love and contentment.
So Mote It Be
Written By, Patty Miller
AKA: Darkwater