A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

*The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds.
This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth.

The Dormant Season
or A Survival Guide to Life in Limbo

Spring is just around the corner, and new life is beginning to manifest itself everywhere. Even in snow-covered places, the crocus and other bulbs begin to emerge from their long slumber. Flowering tree buds swell and begin to defy the cold with their colorful, hope- and cheer-inducing blossoms.

It is easy to see the parallels between the cycles of Nature and the cycles of our lives, as magical people. We pay attention, and are mindful of the changes.  In some of our “seasons”, we are busy and industrious. In others, there is nothing to be done, but to trust in the return of the sun, and that the dormant phase will eventually end. Sadly, our seasons are not always tidily placed into 3-month increments; predictable, steady. Our cycles can last for months or even years.
Yet, there is the aspect of predictability in that they will end, and transition into a new cycle, without doubt.
All things change, both in Nature, and in our own lives.
The very essence of magic is change, if our lives do not change, we know we are magically ineffectual; even stagnant.
Some would say that the times in our lives when we are involved in great productivity and observable change are the most challenging. Sometimes even stressful.
But for me, it is the dormant season that feels the hardest.
The times when it feels like nothing is happening.
This past 3 month period has been one of those for me.
As my garden has lain barren, so it has felt as though my life was taking no forward turn whatsoever.
I have felt like I was between lives. One still ending, the next not quite underway.
It has been quite maddening for me, as I am the sort who feels strongly compelled to make lists, manifest change and get a move on.
As with all seasons, they last exactly as long as they are meant to, quite without regard for how we feel about it.
I have tried various coping methods for this period of limbo my life has been in. This missive is to share those strategies with you. Perhaps you are also awaiting the start of your new life; The Spring for you.
Hopefully, these tips will help make your transition easier, as they have mine.

* Recognize that it is a dormant period for you.

In the same way we know better than to be angry with winter trees for not having leaves, we can ease our own burden of inactivity by realizing this is a dormant period, rather than a productive one.
Just understanding that this is a normal aspect of one’s personal development helps to remind us that spring will come, when it is time.
During this phase, patience, remaining grounded and embracing (even encouraging) the quiet can help us cope.
Accepting that you are not moving forward is not the same as being in denial about it. Know your options and stay abreast of the developments, but also recognize when there is nothing you can do, and accept it as reality.
*Release attachments to a specific outcome.
Just as working a love spell to attract a specific person can be troublesome, so can being attached to only one outcome. The Universe may have something completely different, and unexpected, in mind for you, next. Being attached to any single potential outcome limits your own creativity, and stifles the energy which is interceding on your behalf to create a new life. The best things that happen in our lives are not planned, so trust the process enough to let go of how you think it “should be”.
*Be kind to yourself and others.
Times of uncertainty and stillness can make us frustrated, frightened and even angry. These are excellent times to nurture very simple and necessary pleasures. Good sleep, healthy eating and exercise are often the first things to slip when we feel uncertain. A drop of lavender oil in a tub of hot water can provide a much-needed respite from the cares of the times. Gentle exercise like yoga can help center the body and encourage deep, restful sleep.
Just for kicks, do your hair. Or dress up. You don’t have to have anywhere to go, to make yourself feel special and beautiful.
Splurge on a box of your favorite tea, and take time to quietly enjoy a cup every day.
Create sacred space and spend time in the company of the Divine.
Each positive step you take for your own care will reap benefits far beyond what you can imagine.
*Ask for help, when you need it
In all our lives we have people who love us and want to help us. So often, we believe we should be able to “do it myself”, and disconnect ourselves from those who most enhance our lives. In allowing others to help us, we give them the opportunity to be blessed. We all understand the importance of giving, and its necessity. But we must be equally willing to receive, and to allow others to be blessed for their contributions to our lives.
These can be difficult and uncertain times. But we have tools available to us to not merely survive, but to shine in difficult times. We have families, communities and a Universe which supports us even when we can’t feel it.
Know that the Spring will come and the leaves will return to the trees. The ice of inactivity will melt, and the new phase will emerge.
So often, after a period of inactivity, we will see why it took so long. The perfect place we now walk into is a direct result of having been patient while all the tumblers fell into place.
Trust the process, and be mindful of the blessings along the way.
And know that you are not alone, in whatever season you currently dwell.
Brightest Blessings for a Most Magical and Magnificent Spring,