Callie’s Cavern

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz works like a battery.  It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy.

This amplifying power can increase the power of other stones, but Clear Quartz can also take their place, when programmed.  It is very versatile and once charged can have the qualities of any stone.  Energy can be raised; scientists have show that holding Quartz in your hand doubles your bio-magnetic field.

Shamans have been using Clear Quartz for thousands of years.  Ancient people believed Clear Quartz to be solidified water or ice.  In Britain they were sometimes called “Star Stones” to protect from illness.  Modern Wiccans wear Quartz during full moon rituals.  Clear Quartz has been used for many purposes they were included in medicine bags, used to make runes, and have even used to try to create rain.  This stone is a symbol of the spirit and intellect of human beings.

An excellent healing stone, Quartz can be attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing.  By channeling energy, it directs healing at the point of sickness.  Draw symbols or pictures with a Quartz point to send energy through the crystal and into the image or object.  Setting up the crystals in a spiral can act as a focal point that is symbolic of spiritual evolution and reincarnation.  It is a deep soul cleanser and can also purify your environment.  This stone can be used to line a magic circle.  Points face inward for ritual, meditation, or general magic.  Points face outward for defensive or protective magic.  Use 13 or 21 crystals for the best results.

Clear Quartz strengthens the link between Earth and the heavens even amply magic itself.  This quality can help guide you towards your purpose, connect you with a universal knowledge and help find your inner light.  It can wash away negative energies, but it also harmonizes and aligns these energies.  Creating a crystal garden can be protective for the home.  By keeping a piece with your divination tools, psychic ability is strengthened.  Hold a piece over your 3rd eye Chakra to gain inspiration and insight.  Clear Quartz can also protect you from stress.  Carry a piece with you to protect from daily stress or keep a piece next to your computer to help prevent computer problems.