Scents for your Sensibilities


Well, I thought we would start things off with Oils. But as we discuss this wonderful art of making, using, as well as the different ingredients that can be used; we are also going to delve into why these things can be used to truly help lift our spirits, bring us money, open our heart to love and magic and a whole bunch of other wonderful things. Oils are not “just” scents, they truly can change and help our “sensibilities” to keep us grounded and happy.

I will be using a number of different references but I’d like to make it clear right off, that other than the internet, and the years of personal experience I’ve had with creating specialty oils, I will also be utilizing many of the recipes and techniques from Scott Cunningham’s book titled, Incense, Oils and Brews.  The man was a genius and not to take advantage of the information he left us would be a great folly.

So to start things off, let’s put ourselves inside a store in front of endless rows of little amber bottles. Some say, blend. Some say essential, some are called an essence. What’s the difference and why does it matter? There is a difference (obviously or there wouldn’t be different titles) and we are going to discuss those.

We are going to start with blends. A blend is pretty self explanatory. It means the creator of the oil took several different scents and mixed them together to create the scent you are inhaling when you pop the cap. Personally, I absolutely adore blends and it is one of my highest selling products on my online store. Highest selling because you can personalize a blend for a person. To create a blend there are a couple of things you have to have. The first being a base. Usually a light base such as almond oil is excellent because it is light enough to not stain materials but it also mixes well with other oils. Corn, vegetable, or better yet, olive oil works as a base as well.

Once you have your base, as well as an amber bottle to put your blend in, start smelling. Depending on your need, or the need of your client in my case, find other scents that promote that. Say your client or self, needs more prosperity in their lives and by wearing the scent it will help create a state of mind that will open the doors to accept money. Fill your amber bottle 1/3 with your base oil. (Let’s note this is my recipe which has proven itself by sales.) Just pour it into your bottle.

I would be amiss if I didn’t say that of course you can do this by magical times, say maybe under a full moon, or facing north, or whatever ritual you want to attach to the creating of the oil as there are some great ones out there. But for right now, we are just talking about creating a blend without the tradition that might be behind it. After you have your base, connect to your client, or self through touch or other means, and then start smelling other scents conducive to bringing money into your life. Some of these scents might be,  another blend for Prosperity previously made, it could include Tonka, Patchouli, Basil, Heliotrope, even Honey Suckle. There are a whole host of scents just for prosperity.

Take some of these scents and choose one to add to your base as the second base. This will be the scent that is underneath the others. Smell your bottle and continue to add by your own sense of smell what needs to be added. When the bottle is pretty full, say a chant or prayer of blessing over the scented blend you’ve created, label it, and there you have your own blend of prosperity oil designed by you, for you, using your own magical abilities as well as those vibrations inherent in the oil to bring a person, wealth.

Enjoy your project. Smell it often and trust yourself. Know that your nose will tell you what scents you need in your blend. Smell the scent you want to add then smell your blend. Add more as needed because your intuition knows what you need and will tell you which scents to add to your blend by how it makes you feel when you smell it. If you cringe that’s not going to put you in the state of mind to accept wealth into your life. If you smell your blend and it makes you hmmm in anticipation of wearing or burning it, you are on the right track.