Tales from the Dark Moon

So here I have traveled
Where wisdom fills the air
A Shadow in the darkness
I struggle to hear
“Tales from the Dark Moon”
She whispers of “Old Black Bear”

Wandering woods
Thistle and blade
Flower and candles
Somethings gone astray

Fortnight, and a million years
Stars shown brightly, without fear
They shined on and on
So without scars
Until on night Black Bear
Found Rage in a jar

So the stars climbed higher and higher
As so did desire
Becoming smaller and smaller
Into emptiness and sadness
Nothingness transpired

Beware of what hides
Under hills
And in jars
In your heart
In the closet
Near or far

Black Bear found a way
Forgiveness of oneself
Releases the Rage

The Old Black Bear
Became a petal in the sun
Shed her anger, shed her blood
But it could not be undone

This tale
Lives in us all
She spoke softly and said
“Here comes the darkness”
Gathering threads
Of the last shawl

My journey has ended
And soon it will be
Tales from the Dark Moon
I will say when you come to me