A Witch’s View

With a husband, 3 kids and a business to run I sometimes struggle to find the time to connect with life on a spiritual level. As a solitary witch I have to rely on myself to make time to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats – it’s not like going to church every Sunday (whether you want to or not!). Often my celebrations don’t register anywhere near on the grand scale. But, you know, that’s ok.

I think sometimes we get caught up in the ‘more is more’ way of thinking even when it comes to our Pagan holidays.

Usually to honour the Sabbats I perform a candle ritual and make a cake to share with my family. Sometimes they’re more elaborate especially at Samhain which is my favourite time of the year but generally I keep them simple.  During the day I ponder on the ever changing wheel of life and look forward to the time ahead. I’m mindful and that I think is the essence of celebration.

I’ve always been instinctively pulled towards the full moon and I have my own monthly ritual to honour the beautiful Luna.  Each month I try to capture her essence in my photography.  I stand alone in the garden and spend time admiring her beauty through my lens. It’s a very personal time for me and even if it’s freezing cold I look forward to taking this time when I feel at one with the Goddess.

Obviously everyday should be a celebration of life and not just saved up for the Sabbats but this is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  For me candles are extremely important in my daily thankfulness.  If nothing else I can sit down to work, or relax after the day, light a candle and as I do so give thanks to the Universe.

There are other little things I do during the day which reminds me of my spiritual path and the beauty of life.  I open the curtains and greet the sun (or rain).  I talk to my plants, I’m thankful for my food and I stand outside to admire the stars.  It’s all about taking a few seconds and remembering instead of getting swamped down in laundry, meetings and the eternal cycle of food preparation and clean up!

How do you bring the spiritual into your busy life? Do you struggle to make the time sometimes or do you have it all figured out?  Leave a comment and share 🙂