Let’s Spell it Out

A Pax on Both Their Houses

Pax is a Roman goddess whose name means “peace” or “Spirit of Peace”.  The Romans “adopted” her from the Greek pantheon where she was called Eireen (pronounced eye-REEN).  As the Goddess of Peace, she was born to the god Zeus and the goddess Themis and she was the sister to Dike (meaning “justice”), Eunomia (meaning “law” or “order”) as well as the Horae (meaning “season” or “hours”, where we get our modern word for “hour”).  As the Greek Eireen, she helps us replace worrisome thoughts with a sense of faith that “this too shall pass”.  When she is called upon, a sense of peacefulness is brought upon the person.  One of Eireen’s messages for us is to remember to retain our childlike wonder and zest for life.

After her  Roman “conversion”, she came to be called Pax-Romana and Pax-Augusta during the second century BC.  A shrine was built to her in the Field of Mars.  She was shown as a young woman holding a cornucopia, a sheaf of grain (both symbols of abundance) and an olive branch (a symbol of peace).  Perhaps together, the symbols could signify an abundance of peace.

I was inspired to write this spell because of something that happened in my own life.  After an issue that left sore feelings on both sides, I consulted my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards for some advice.  Eireen’s card is the one out of the deck that I selected.  After reading the meaning of the card, I immediately shifted my though-processes; transforming a negative re-action to a plan of positive pro-action.  With this spell, I will take steps to bring harmony in the future.  I hope it does the same for you.


Supplies: an offering of grain (can replica with birdseed) and a candle (color of your choice)

Call to the Goddess of Peace by saying:

“I call upon the Goddess of Peace,

Called both Eireen and Pax.

This negative situation I now cease,

So that all the parties relax.”

Make an offering of grain by placing it upon the altar and say:

“Spirit of Peace, I give to you this offering of grain.

In return I ask that you remove all our pain.”

Hold the candle in your hands and chant (as many times as you wish):

“On our friendship there is a strain,

All this fighting is an energy drain.

I remove this with a spiritual rain

All our adversities can now wane.”

Light the candle and chant (as many times as you wish):

“I remove this weight off our backs

In the names of Eireen and of Pax.

Our hurt feeling fall through the cracks

Healing energies now do wax.”

Meditate on what you can do to help heal the situation.  Ask Eireen and Pax for their wisdom and guidance.  Make sure to send loving energies to the other person(s) to help spread the healing process.

If possible, let the candle stand to burn out.  Make sure to place the grain outside for the animals.  Dispose of the candle remnants off your property.

NOTE: there is Free Will to keep in mind so this spell may only be a “temporary fix” and may seem to “fizzle” in one moon’s time.  If this is the case for you, this means that the other party truly does not wish to be on good terms with you and you may need to remove them from your life.  Consult with Eireen and Pax for further clarification and instruction.


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