The Moonlit Path: A Discussion on Pathways and Traditions

The WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft

I’ve been reading and doing a lot of research as of late.  In that search I have been examining the work of an up and coming young pagan.  Gede Parma is an author, and one of the founding members of WildWood Tradition.

The WildWood Tradition stems from the Coven of the WildWood.  The Coven was formed by Gede and several other founding members hail from Brisbane, Australia.  The coven the tradition stems from was founded in early 2006; it is a young but vibrant tradition. The tradition stems became official in 2008 when another coven hived off the first.

It is a mystery tradition based on a foundation of shamanic spirituality, and ecstatic practice.  Ecstatic practice utilizes alternate states of consciousness.  During these trances chants, liturgies, and more have been received and are utilized by the group.  There is heavy emphasis on the other realms and their connection with our own.  A prime example consists of the WildWood itself, which simultaneously exists in the astral plane and on Earth as the pockets of undisturbed nature or green.

The WildWood Tradition honors the Sacred Four, which are the Weaver, the Green Man, The Crescent-Crowned Goddess and the Stag-Horned God.  Each have a special place in the mysteries associated with the tradition.  Each of the Sacred Four has unique attributes that the group identifies with and venerates.

The structure associated with the WildWood Tradition is organized into outer and inner courts.

Outer Court:

Outer-Court Member – Any participant in a WildWood open circle.

Child of the WildWood – Member of the outer court, but is considered a part of the coven’s soul group.  To become a Child of the WildWood a ritual is performed to mark the occasion.

Aspirant – An outer court member who aspires to be a dedicant with the coven

Inner Court:

Dedicants – This step occurs after a period of aspiration where the individual has been trained in the lore and rites of the craft.

Initiated Priest/Priestess – One who is devoted to the Sacred Four and the WildWood and has a propensity for community service. Intense weekly priest-training is required.

Antheon Priest/Priestess – One who hives off to form their own coven.

The WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft has grown naturally and developed into an established tradition.  Though the tradition started in Australia it has expanded.  There are now four covens following this pathway worldwide.

Those groups are Coven of the WildWood, The Anthesterion Circle, OakSun Grove, and Spinifex Grove.

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