A Witch’s View

I love going to new age and metaphysical shops to see what’s new on the market. Over the years you can notice trends coming and going with whatever is in vogue at the time.  Sometimes you’ll find an abundance of Native American items and at other times there will be Celtic lore galore.

I’ve noticed it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to find books about local folklore or traditions.  Often, here in England, our own home grown histories and roots are put aside so popular categories can take centre stage.  This is a shame because our history is diverse and with a little effort you can trace the locations and artifacts which are nothing less than magickal.  Aside from the ‘big’ attractions like Stonehenge and Avebury there are many smaller scale places to connect with heritage and Pagan roots.  It requires some digging and patience – either online or in the library – but it can be done!

I’ve written before about churches here in England which very often have been built on ley lines or old pagan worshipping sites.  You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy the magickal aspect of the land!  There are ley lines themselves which can be traced and walked.  Forests which still remain usually have folk tales attached to them or even fairy sightings.

Often in the past I’ve neglected my magickal roots.  I’ve been dazzled by the ancient traditions of other cultures and wowed by their sacred sites.  But there’s something special about learning and appreciating where you live – wherever that may be – and understanding the land and the past which has shaped the present.  It’s really worth investing some time researching and, if you’re able, getting out and about in the place in which you live.  You never know what you’ll uncover and what Pagan connections you may find.