Paranormal Path

Famously Haunted

Part II Queen Mary Long Beach, CA.

The Queen Mary also known as the Grey Ghost, is located in the Long Beach Harbor. I have been lucky enough to visit this ship on several occasions and have had wonderful experiences each time. There is such a rich history behind the ship yet it has become all the more famous in its current state as a “Haunted Hotel”. What makes the Queen Mary Haunted? Let us start with her early days as a luxury liner

The Queen Mary’s construction began in 1930, yet her first voyage was not until 1936 due to delays caused by the Great Depression. The ship hosted some of the top movie stars and political figures of the day but the luxury liner only lasted for 3 short years. During the start of World War 2, the Queen Mary became a troop transport and was then labeled the Grey Ghost.

One of the earliest tragedies with the Grey Ghost took place during the war. While attempting to avoid enemy ships she collided with a smaller companion ship nearly severing it in half, nearly 300 people were left for dead. Screams and pounding are said to still be heard on the ships fore hull..

In 1947 the ship was re-launched as a luxury liner, making weekly trips between England and New York. In 1967 she was sold to the city of Long Beach, CA. to be used as a museum and hotel. This is where the beautiful 1,000 feet long ship has rested since and tourists from all over have come to see the splendor and maybe give in to the curiosity of the 150 plus spirits said to haunt the ship.

The boiler and engine rooms of the ship have some of the most widely experienced activity. There is a story of a young man named John Pedder who was crushed by door 13 during a routine drill. There have been reports of people seeing a young man in blue overalls near this area as well as disturbances, such as cameras shutting off, batteries draining and so on. These disturbances are common in the paranormal field since it is believed spirits need to pull energy from around them to manifest.

The swimming pool has also been known as a hot spot for activity. There have been reports of wet footprints being seen, though the pool has been empty and out of use for quite some time, as well as childish laughter. The spirit of a little girl named Jackie is said to frequent the pool area calling for her mommy. She is believed to have drowned back in the ships luxury liner days. This is the area where I also had an interesting experience. During a tour I was at the back of the line and doing a bit of lagging to take in the atmosphere. I felt a low and gentle tug on my purse, like a child reaching and wanting attention, I turned expecting to see the source but there was no one there.

There is also activity in other parts of the ship. A man in a 1930’s style suit is seen near the first class staterooms, as well as faucets turning off and on by themselves and phones ringing with no one on the other end. A young woman is also seen dancing by herself in the Queens Salon, formally known as the first class lounge.

During one of my stays on the ship I witnessed the sounds of children running and laughing down the hallway, yet there was never anyone in sight. While walking on the deck late at night I would stop and hear what sounded like footsteps continuing to walk behind me though I was alone. I plan to make another trip very soon now that there are so many new and exciting tools for paranormal investigation. I will hopefully be able to document some of my experiences.