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Painting Stained Glass

As the sun rises over the horizon the marvel of the mornings glory rises with it. The light radiates in a multitude of colors from the predawn grays to the blazing yellows as the sun pulls itself away from Mother Earth’s horizon. The molten mass of the sun climbs higher and higher. The morning light reaches out and strikes the sun catcher in your window throwing its colors into the kitchen.


That radiating piece of glass can be bought in many shapes and sizes, from the beautiful to the inexpensive looks nice. The only problem is that the design you want is never on the shelf, and unless you can pay for a specialized piece you will never get that perfect one. Stained glass is beautiful, but impractical for a person of mediocre art abilities to create. Stained Glass Paint, in easy applicator bottles are made by a couple of different manufactures and is very affordable for creative people of all ages.

With very little practice a decent piece of art can be created, and with thousands of free patterns on the internet, it makes it even more affordable. From small pieces of plastic, or glass blanks that can be found in craft stores, you create your own experience. As you become more comfortable with the art form you can go on to larger endeavors such as your bathroom window, a personalized decoration to your privacy fence, or your front windows. You’re only limited by your desire to try.


I will not recommend one supplier over another, but if you wish to go on to the more permanent pieces. Please test a finished piece to the heat and light of your summer sun before committing the hours or work to find that it will fade. Check out your local craft store for a brand they carry, if they don’t, check out the internet, but stay with one brand throughout a single project.

The premise is simplicity in itself. A line drawing of the finished art is placed under the glass to be painted. I recommend a small amount of tape to the underside of piece that will allow easy removal when the piece is finished. The pattern can be a captured (non-copyrighted) logo or piece of art, a free pattern such as available through the internet, or a piece of art that you have created.

Once it is securely in place the black bottle tip is clipped off at the angle you prefer and start to squeeze the glue like substance out. Trace the outline of the pattern, leaving a continuous line of black which is the equivalent of the leading in a stained glass window. This is the framework for your piece. It also gives you a point of reference in case the pattern moves later.


Following the black or some prefer gray leading; the colors of the piece are added. There are many tricks of blending and patterning of the colors, but they can be learned through experimentation and personal color mixing experience. The only thing that really matters is that the full area is covered and like a coloring book, don’t go out side of the lines.

Some people call this crafting, but others take their craft beyond the edge to become an amazing art form. Have fun enjoy the relaxing affect of creativity and the satisfaction of knowing you created a one of a kind piece of art. Then as the light strikes the piece allowing it to capture and change the rays of light into a kaleidoscope of colors cascading over your room. Lean back and say, “I made that” Your browser may not support display of this image.

Copyright 4/1/2010 R.B.Rueby