Chatter chatter chatter

Go all the talking heads

Speaking no wisdom

Just hate and indifference

Wake up in the morning

To shouts of “us and them”

Power in their words

Ratings behind their Amen’s

Yes rouse up the people

Divide what is yours and mine

Pack up your belongings

You’re no longer alive

Get out! Go back!

What I say goes

I have all the answers

From my microphone throne

In the land of mass communication

Divinity has nothing on me

I can lie, cheat and deceive


Don’t tell me to think

They do it for me

I believe what I hear

Cause it brings superiority

Gray matter

No matter

Is it time yet?

Chatter chatter chatter

I’m late! I’m late!

The Hatter’s gone again

And the Queen is yelling

Off with his head!