Household Magick, Lesson 1

A.  Naming your home and giving it purpose.

I know some will find this silly but we are going to give our home a name.  This is a very old practice,  it makes your

home more them just a place it becomes a entity all its own .  King arthur named his castle and lands Camelot.  Elvis

names his Graceland.   We all live in towns and cities, that the founders took time to name and give purpose too.  Later in

this course you will write and perform a naming ceremony for your home.

The reason our homes need purpose are the same as the reasons we need purpose.  Each homes purpose will be different.  Each homes purpose will change as you, yourself grow older.  Your home will go through different phases and changes, as time

goes on.  A family will have different ideas of what a home should do, then a single man or women.  Each home owner will

have different needs.  I perform a ritual every year, giving my home it’s purposes for that year.  You will learn more

about that ritual later.

*For those of you without a home all your own, name your space, like your bedroom.*


Question to answer when thinking of a name for your home.  Keep your answers to one word.
(example:  How should your home feel to others?  Peaceful, relaxed, uplifting, and inspiring.)

1.  What does your home feel like at this time?
2.  What do you want your home to feel like?
3.  What purpose should your home serve?
4.  Where is your home located?
5.  How do you see your home?
6.  What inspires you about your home?
7.  Make a list of words, colors, or any other things you relate to home?

Now take all the words you have written down and begin to look for your homes name, it’s there some where.  Be creative!

B.  Deities

There are thousands and thousands of deities around the world.  By this time I am sure you know that in witchcraft we

recognize different ones for different works we are doing.  I would like for you to find a patron god or goddess for your

home.  By no means do you have to stick with the one you choose forever, but for the sake of this class I would like you to

have one to refer to.  In my home we use Hestia the Greek goddess of the hearth and home.   Take some time do a little



1.  Make a list of 5, hearth and home deities.
2.  Choose one deity for this class.
3.  Why did you choose this deity.

As always…..Don’t forget to be creative!!!

C.  Altars

I am sure you have all gone to a church at some point in your life.  It’s wonderful that some religions have place to go to

worship and pray.  Unfortunately, in witchcraft that isn’t always the case.  So we build altars in our homes, but did you

know that this was a very old practice.  In the past, people would build altars in there home because they could not travel

to places of worship as easily as we do now.

You can build an altar out of anything.  I have seen altars on table tops, on dressers, on shelf’s, and even some in a

corner on the floor.  Do what works for you in your space.  I use an old table I found at a flea market as my working

altar.  I do not believe there is any right way or wrong way to construct an altar, there are books out there that say to

do it this way or that way.  I say do what feels right to you, it is after all your altar and your place to worship.


Your going to build an altar for your home.

Questions to help you with the building process.

1.  Where is a good space for my altar?
2.  What will I use to represent the deity I have chosen for my home?
3.  What do I wish to add to the altar?
4.  Will I have something to represent the elements?

Don’t worry I your altar is a little “naked” at this time we will add to it as we learn.
Don’t forget always be creative.
D.  Decorating

A lot of people don’t think about decorating as a tool for magick, but it really is.  We decorate are homes for holidays

too celebrate.  We decorate are altars to worship and pray.  I think we can use decorating to bring magick into each room

of our homes.  As we cover each room I will show how things like rugs and furniture can be used.  I want to show how to

decorate for magick on a budget.


1.  Look at what you already have.  List 5 things in your home that could be used for magickal decorating.
2.  Go to your local Dollar Store or even Walmart.  Some kind of shopping center.  List 5 things you can buy there for

under $20 that could be used for magickal decorating.

p.s.  Candles don’t count!!!!  Don’t worry your don’t have to buy anything just look.

Be creative!!!!