Interview with R. Wolf Baldassarro


Pagan Pages (PP): Who is R. Wolf Baldassarro, the man??

R. Wolf Baldassarro (RWB): I guess that’s just it.  I’m just a man who’s simply looking to have his voice heard and make his mark in the pages of history.  I’ve got a natural curiosity for everything and I like to express myself.  We’ve all got talents and attributes that make us special and I want to share who I am with the world because I think I have something worthwhile to say if others are willing to listen.

PP: Can you explain to our readers what spirits are? Have you had any personal experiences with spirits?

RWB: A spirit is the electromagnetic and electrostatic energies containing the soul, personality, and intelligence of an individual that survives the death of the physical body.  I’ve had a few run in’s with spirits.  The first time I ever saw something while on investigation I just about wet myself; now I could talk to a spirit just like I would the way I’m talking to you now.

PP: Do you believe spirits exist?

RWB: This is a complex question. Some people claim that seeing is believing; but honestly seeing is, by itself, not enough for believing.  I don’t think they’re real, I know they are. I’ve seen way too much via both magick AND science to know otherwise.

PP: Most people I know think ghosts are these flighty little creatures like Casper, what would your description be?

RWB: A ghost is the image of a person or animal witnessed after their death and usually in a less substantial dream-like representation of their physical, living body.

PP: How many different types of haunting are there?

RWB: There are three main types of hauntings- intelligent apparitions, imprints, and demonic.  Intelligent haunts can interact with their environment and others by moving objects and responding to direct questions in a logical manner; Imprints are also referred to as residual haunts.  This occurs when the environment records an event and plays a scene in an endless loop like a video; Demonic haunts were never human to begin with.  These are entities that exist between worlds.  Because we tend to anthropomorphize everything we attach human attributes like evil and malicious to these haunts when it is absurd to do so.

PP: I would be very interested in hearing your take on paranormal activity?

RWB: Paranormal activity isn’t all ghosts and spirits and things that go bump in the night.  Parapsychology deals with many aspects of our existence that are difficult to quantify like telekinesis and clairsentience. Parapsychology, in general, is the study of mental experiences not explainable by conventional scientific doctrine.  It’s anything that is beyond the normal; that which cannot be readily explained by conventional knowledge or scientific means.  There’s a whole realm of paranormal activity that many so-called ghost hunters refuse to acknowledge.  By focusing only on one area they’re losing sight of the bigger picture.

PP: What lead you to the field of the paranormal?

RWB: It most directly goes back to the old FOX show Sightings.  I became a fan of the show and intrigued by the concepts of parapsychology.  At the same time I had, literally, stumbled upon witchcraft.  The two seemed to feed each other in my quest for knowledge.

PP: Why are you a paranormal investigator?

RWB: I love the pursuit of knowledge and expanding my understanding of this thing we call existence in all its aspects.  To know what lies just outside our reach that we cannot see and to shed light on the unknown so that it makes it a little less fearful.

PP: Can you tell the readers a little about your book A Ghost Hunters Field Guide?

RWB: I think it’s great to go out and explore but many groups today are run more like hobby groups and do a great disservice to the field of scientific research.  A Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide pulls from my experience as an active investigator to help fans of ghost hunting to be more professional and accurate in their attempts to blend science with adventure.

Bountiful Blessings and thanks go out to R. Wolf Baldassarro for granting the Pagan Pages readers and myself with such a magnificent interview.

Works of R. Wolf Baldassarro:

A Wolf in the Shadows is a book about Wicca and witchcraft written with NON-believers in mind that explains through an unbiased and honest conversation what exactly the religion is all about.

Under a Sunlit Sky is an anthology of poetry, short stories, and social commentary with nature photography and friends mixed in.  It’s a glimpse into who R. Wolf Baldassarro is and how he perceives the world around him.

All of Wolf’s books, art gallery prints, and other projects can be seen and ordered through his website at www.deepforestproductions.com.  His blog is updated regularly and read around the world.