Journey of a Witch

Journey of a Witch

Indeed, the journey of any spiritual path can be difficult to maneuver.
Whether you are seasoned in your craft or just beginning, questions and self doubt can bite at your heels. Sometimes those pesky creatures create such an imbalance you fall.

Many times those just embarking on their journey feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information (or sometimes lack of information) and feel they must know it all yesterday in order to be where they think they should be.

What do you do?
Call upon your fairy godmother?

If only!

Having someone else do just some of our work takes from our experience of what a spiritual path really is.

So, what is a spiritual path?
Well, a spiritual path means different things to different people.
For me a spiritual path is different than a religious one in that it just requires gratitude which can be practiced in a variety of ways, including intertwining along with a religious path.

One thing however remains constant. We must all make that journey ourselves if we are to learn and grow. This too, may be different for each person. One person may be happy to read a few books on a culture while another may need to take a trip across the world and immerse oneself in that culture.

Method actors for instance become the character while others may use external means.
It all depends on how one hones their craft.

Whatever the path there will be times when you feel stuck.
You can see the glistening path winding its way up the spiritual mountain  but to get there you must tread carefully through  a narrow  bend and you are afraid you might  fall off the cliff if you don’t step just so.

Let go of the fear.

Rest easy then. A block in the path is a good time as any for a spot of tea.
Well, maybe for some but not for others. Not for me you say? You want definitive answers you say?

Reflection and meditation are tools we can use daily but especially if we are feeling spiritually stuck. In the silences one hears many things that daily living drowns out.

So, that’s all well and good but what if that does not work?  What if after all your efforts you are no closer to the top of that mountain in fact, it even looks like you’ve slipped down a bit!

Remember the method actor?
Perhaps your immersion is drowning you.
Reflection and mediation are wonderful tools indeed; however, there may come a time when you must step out of your character.
Instead of being the mountain you wish to climb let the mountain become you.

What about the external actor?
Have you drawn so much outward that your own fire is in need of kindling?
Instead of looking up at the mountain perhaps you are the mountain.

In other words, there is no mountain, just you.

Take a few minutes and breathe. Deliver a meal to an elderly person, volunteer at an animal shelter and remember:

No matter the spiritual path, it is best shared with love and kindness.

Sometimes an answer you are seeking shows itself in times of giving.

A spiritual journey has many twists, climbs and turns and at times painfully so.
We are all on this journey together on different levels and yes, different routes winding and circling and meeting friends along the way, with always, the heart at the center.

Inside each of us is a mountain of hope and dreams, love and compassion.
If along your path you shared even one of those, you’ve become the mountain.

Not the definitive answers you were seeking?
Ah, I’m not your fairy godmother, just a friend along the way.

This column is dedicated to all those on the journey.

Blessings and Namaste