Rebel Rede

October 1st, 2010

Yin Yang: Finding the Balance-Part II

Last month I wrote about the Chinese concept of yin and yang. I was inspired to write that article based on my own journey from a masculine-based religious practice to a female-based spiritual practice. One way Pagans try to find balance within their spiritual practice is to work with both male and female deities. This is only way example of balance though. Being a balanced witch does not simply mean working with both male and female deities. In fact there can be Dianic witches who are much more balanced than their Pagan counterparts.

We need balance in all areas of our lives whether mundane or spiritual. I often find myself so focused on one area of balance in my life that I let the other areas of my life become unbalanced. What good is it to be balanced in one area of your Pagan practice, but completely unbalanced in another? It is not easy to find balance in our lives. It takes focus, discipline, and practice. It also takes harsh honesty, honesty with ourselves and each other. If we are to find balance in our lives we must be willing to hold up a mirror and to be completely honest about what we see in our reflections. Do you see equal amounts of light-dark, positive-negative, masculine-feminine etc., when you look at your life?

It is often the fear of being unbalanced that leads us to actually being imbalanced. For example, if you are too afraid of becoming one of those “fluffy bunny-rainbow loving-the world is a perfect happy place” witches, you run the risk of allowing too much negativity and darkness into your practice. All the same, if you are too afraid of becoming one of those “scary-dark-sociopathic-goth” witches, you can become out of touch with your darker emotions, among other things. We cannot be afraid to embrace the “other” side if we are to become balanced. In order to do this, we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to push ourselves to experience new things and new ideas within our mundane and magickal lives. Remember the concept of yin yang; the idea that two opposing forces come together in equal amount to make a perfect whole. What do you need to start embracing to become a balanced or “whole” witch?

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