The Crafty Writer


Remember those cool autumn nights when you grab the quilt that your grandmother made and wrap up before the fire to keep warm. Its a nice thick quilt of geometric patterns and subtle colors that breathes comfort and warmth. Now I know this may come as a shock to some, but it isn’t only a craft that grandmothers can do. Many young people enjoy the hobby also.


Quilting has been made easier if you wish to start with the do it yourself kits. The blocks are pre-cut, often the thread is included, and step by step instructions. All you need to do is pull out a needle or your sewing machine and you’re on your way to making your very own quilt filled with memories.

Kits usually simplify things, although most will only make one side of the quilt. That means you need to buy two kits or get a nice material for the back side so that it can be stitched together with batting material in between for that nice thick quilted feel. They usually produce some very nice patterns and with practice look professional.

If you wish to go the next step though, there is the hunting through fabric to gather an assortment of similar themed patterns. Then using a pattern block from a magazine or one you made yourself and start laying out the material and cutting your pieces needed to create your blocks.


If you need ideas there are computer programs out there that will let you print standard blocks or even create a block from your photo design. Then again if you want to get to a more interesting sewing pattern than the simple tacking method, they have sewing machines with controller handle bars so you can weave and wander your sewing pattern where ever you wish.


So into the sewing room you go with a pattern, stack of material, scissors, thread, and batting material. Turn on some nice music and hum away as you cut and stitch yourself into bliss. When you’re done and ready to show off your masterpiece hang on tight, because everyone will ask, is that for me, or I like shades of blue, can I have one too?