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The Wheel of Fortune (10)

“Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows.”  ~Anonymous

Image Description:

The Rider-Waite deck depicts a large wheel moving in a clockwise direction with creatures hovering about on a blanket of billowing clouds. Each creature holds an open book. Along the rim of the wheel are the Hebrew letters ’T’, ’A’, ’R’, and ’O’, and within the center of the wheel are alchemical symbols. A sphinx is perched on top of the wheel, cradling a sword.


Wheel: Change and cycles of life, birth-death-rebirth, cycle of the Zodiac, workings of Fate
T,A,R,O: The nature of the Tarot –‘Tora’ (teaching), ‘Rota’ (wheel), ‘Orat’ (to speak or a message)

Creatures: Fixed signs of the zodiac: Bull = Taurus, Lion = Leo, Eagle = Scorpio, Angel/man = Aquarius
Sphinx: The principle of equilibrium, stability within movement, mystery and hidden knowledge

Eight Spokes: Universal radiant energy

Symbols on the Spokes: (From the top clockwise) Mercury, Sulfur, Water, Salt

Key Words:

Destiny, Unexpected Events, Movement, Turning Point, Patterns & Cycles

Fool‘s Journey:

Staring into the deep blue sky, the Fool watches the clouds swirling above him, visualizing their movement in the form of a great wheel gently rolling across the horizon. Inspired by his vision, the Fool begins to contemplate the world’s wondrous design and its intricate patterns and cycles in connection to the greater Universe.  Although he is aware that the world is riddled with unexpected events that can create surprising turning points in our lives, he feels secure placing his fate in the purposeful hands of destiny.

With his sense of determination restored, the Fool continues his journey.

The Lesson:

To learn how to accept change and understand the workings of fate.


The Wheel of Fortune addresses the age-old debate of fate versus free will.  It suggests we do not always have complete control over everything in our existence. The wheel is a symbol of perpetual motion and serves as a constant reminder that life is always changing, despite any resistance to the contrary. We are all subject to the laws of nature as we move through our lives from birth to death, completing one cycle only to begin yet another.

In readings, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate a turn of events or a twist of fate of which we have little control. We cannot always predict surprises, but through intuition oftentimes we can be made aware of impending changes which may herald a new beginning.  It is our reaction to such changes which will determine if the transformation will be a positive or negative experience.

When the energy of the wheel arrives, we may feel as if life has sped up in a negative sense; sometimes it is necessary to come down, in order to go up again. Other times the wheel’s energy provides a positive momentum, which enables us to let go of the past and move forward to embrace a more fulfilling future.