Yule-Time Log Spell


Long ago, Pagan’s brought a live tree into their homes, then decorated it with symbolic items like bells that would ring when a Spirit was near. Small tasty treats hung on the tree to feed the hungry Spirits. The tree itself was for the wood spirits to keep warm out of the weather during winter. Green and red were the corresponding seasonal colors, and gift giving was embraced by all. Lastly, a pentagram was set atop the tree to represent Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

If this ancient ritual sounds familiar, remember, Pagan’s had these traditions centuries before the Christians. Even the Horned God was represented as a stag during Yule, from December 20th to the 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere. Below is a traditional Yule spell that will bring good fortune to you and your loved ones.

What you will need:

  • Yule log of oak, walnut or pine, but never Elder.
  • Slips of paper and a pen for each member who joins you to celebrate.
  • Charcoal or white chalk to draw on the Yule log.

Use fire during Yule to leave failure behind you and set new goals. Find a large log-sized piece of oak, pine or walnut. Elder is never to be used. Now draw a large circle with lines emanating from the “sun” to symbolize this Sabbath as the rebirth of the sun God.

During Yule, the longest night of the year, light the Yule log with your family indoors or outdoors. Your family should write their goals, then visualize achieving their goals as they toss each folded paper into the fire while saying:

Mother Goddess hear my Yule-time plea,

I wish to _______________ for all to see

Blessed Be, so mote it be!

When everyone has made their wishes, dampen the Yule log and save a portion of the wood to protect your home until next Yule. You’ll use the wood to light the new Yule log next year.