Journey of a Witch

What is Truth?

“And what is ‘truth’? Is truth unchanging law? We both have truths. Are mine the same as yours?”

-Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar.

What is truth?

How do we define it?

Is it fluid or is it solid?

Does it rise like the mist shrouded in darkness and dissipate with the sun?
Or does it remain like a rock firmly lodged in the flesh of the earth?

Eventually the wind,rain and other elements will erode that rock to sand.
When plants grow in sand; that sand can turn to soil.

An ever changing cycle.

I think of truth very much like the rock cycle.
The importance of water and other elements in how they relate to rocks is much like truth.

The interconnection of Earth’s elements form many things all coming
from each other and yet..different,- and beautiful.

Obsidian, shale, and Slate are different rocks yet all made from minerals with the latter actually
formed from the former.

All rocks are made from minerals but minerals are not made of rocks.

Could this be what truth is?

A sum of parts made from each other in different forms?

Throughout time, philosophers, mathematicians and scientists examined truth and its meanings.

Major and Formal theories, ideas and scientific methods are debated and challenged throughout academia and
at the kitchen table.

Many people at one time believed the world to be flat.
It was a known truth, if you will.
Then that truth was shattered.

Even when thousands of people believe something, that does not make it necessarily true.

So how do we know when something is true? You believe something so solid in your
heart then one day you come to find that it is no longer true.
What does that do to the foundation of that particular belief?

It could be a partner you so much believed in who cheated on you.
Or the company you were so loyal to and believed in that let you go.
The day your child died of cancer.

We can be so shattered when the foundation of what we believed, is taken out from underneath
us. Without that foundation to stand on, many of us fall.

Truth is a lot like hope.
A wish that things will always be the way we think they are.
Nature, however, shows us differently.

Nothing remains the same. And things do change.
Children die before their parents.
A dearest love leaves one for another.
The career we worked so hard for dissolves in the sinking economy.

A truth we’ve known for so long dissipates like mist in the sun.

For some in the darkest of suffering, faith shines a light.
For others, their world is shattered.

Faith, Hope, and Truth are Sisters forever stirring the cauldron.

The only thing consistent is inconsistency.

Truth can be a blessing or it can be a source of pain.

Is truth relative or absolute?
Or perhaps it is something else entirely?

What if your truth is challenged?

Chaos and suffering are the event horizon.
Sucked into a black hole of pain, how could we return
to the safe orbit our life was?

Safety however, is an illusion.
Some would say that living is chaos, in Nature and in the human experience.

Individual truth can be bent to justify,identify, and destroy.
Language evolves and changes as society evolves and changes.

So truth, evolves and changes.

A belief in deity(s) can also be challenged.

You may have a particular goddess or god you feel is with you then
a tragic life event occurs and you feel that goddess/god disappeared.
That voice you felt is no longer speaking to you.

Was this deity real?
Or did the voice come from within?

In Langston Hughes’ “Salvation”, he couldn’t believe in Jesus because Jesus
never came to him. He never saw him. For him, truth showed him there was
no savior, no god.

Humans have many deities. Throughout our evolution goddess/gods have been created and died.

Whose god is god?
Whose god is the one true god?

Is there one truth?

Is there a god?

Perhaps if we can’t see it then it does not exist?
Maybe it doesn’t maybe it does.

Maybe truth exists in words only.

Deities may exist in many forms, in all forms, or live in our hearts.

Truth of the matter, our own truth can change. We can be divided
or decided, or decided not to decide, a decision in of itself; a sense of hope.

All I know is all I know and this too shall change.
I can’t make my mind up on what truth is but I do know it will change because I change.
What I learned yesterday will not be what I learned today and what I learn today will be different
from what I learn tomorrow.

In my heart I hold many things dear, I accept this and know that some things
with time slip away while others continue along with me on this spiritual path.

Like the rock cycle I too will change. So will my truth.
It can shine like obsidian, be soft like sandstone, or metamorphic like slate.

Truth is all in the changes and those changes are my truth.