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Photo Manipulation


Have you ever had an image in your mind that you wanted to share with the world, but knew it would be impossible for you to get that picture? Like that picture at the Halloween party, where I was dressed in my full Daggerhir renaissance battle garb. It was a nice picture, but it was taken inside and it looked rather out of place. Standing beside steel cabinets and computers with leather studded renaissance garb, not quite the image I wished to share with the world.


Wishing the photo was taken in a castle or maybe on a path in the woods it would look so much better, but what was I to do. Hmmmm, this is a pretty wooded picture, but the colors are so vibrant, it doesn’t really fit. If I adjusted the brightness and the hue, then the woodland picture would have a more realistic color.


Outlining the Halloween picture I will be able to capture just the warrior image. That would let me to take the original and paste it onto the path of the forest. Now this is nice. I don’t mind people seeing this one. Although, I have created a blaze that I want to put on my shield since then, but I haven’t had time to paint it on yet.


Distorting the art by skewing it as if seen at a slight angle instead of straight on then it would be angled the same as on the shield. Then capturing the white area only, it can be copied and placed onto the shield. The white is so stark in contrast to the matte black of the shield. If I change it from 100% white to 50% white it will look more of grayish silver. Now that looks a lot more on how I want it too look. It really gives the picture a lot more punch.


The battle axe looks good for a Daggerhir weapon, made of Duct tape and foam so that in a melee nobody should get hurt. Although, if I wanted to push the edge of reality back even further. What would happen if the edges were sharpened and paint in some extra features to make it look a little more realistic?


Yes, make the duct tape look more like a steel pattern and the cloth gets some paint and coloring for more of a hammered look. Now this is how I feel on the battlefield. This is what I want to share with my friends. The look and feel I have when I go to battle to protect my lady’s hand. This is the warrior I feel inside, ready to defend the realm, even though I am a computer tech and student six days a week. The seventh is mine to dream.

These images were created in PhotoShop, because that is what I have access too. Although, there are many others such as GIMP, or Paint that comes with Windows not to forget Apple can create some amazing pictures with some practice. We all know what I say about practice. It takes a person from the crafter of basics to the artesian. With time, it lets you unlock what you wish you could to a “Look at this.”

For more information on GIMP, PhotoShop, or other paint and drawing products, the first step is to search the internet. For more information on Daggerhir, search the internet. For more of my writing on other topics, visit me at www.myspace.com/kinkybits

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