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January 1st, 2011

January 2011: The Physics of Gratitude

Another New Yearis upon us!
It is my favorite time of year to take stock of my blessings.
I am a firm believer in counting my blessings a little more often. In fact, daily. As a reformed “Glass-Half-Empty“, it is vital for me to constantly remind myself of all I have been blessed with, lest I should lapse back into my old ways of complacency, all too easily.
Over the years of my reformation, an interesting thing became apparent to me. Sure, I was more positive of attitude, and found less time to ruminate on all the things I didn’t have, but perhaps most interesting, I found that the more grateful I was, the more blessings I had to count.
In time, I discovered it was a simple matter of physics.
Like attracts like.
As I focused on the blessings I had, I found that more materialized. As I spent time being mindful of the things I had, I had more added to me.
When I spent my time focused on things I wished I had (and, in fact, did NOT  have) I found myself with less of what I needed. Nothing always manifests more nothing. Something always manifests more something.
So, my decision to spend my consciousness in this mindful appreciation of what was created more of what was.
Sometimes people like to think that physics (and, all scientific matters, in fact) have nothing to do with spirituality. Some even feel that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive states.
I disagree.
I believe they are one in the same, just spoken of in different terms. Much in the same way that pagans and Christians often refer to the same concepts in terms which often seem incongruous, despite being virtually identical activities, theories and beliefs.
This discovery, the connection between gratitude and abundant blessings, came as rather a surprise to me. As I said, being a rather negative person by nature gave me little to work with in working this through. Yet, once found, the treasure has not eluded me again.
As we enter the season of New Beginnings, I pray you all find a way to incorporate this principle into your own experience, and begin to see the abundant, and even miraculous return on your investment.
Take time to count your blessings, even if you have to search for them. My friend Christine, who encouraged me (rather ruthlessly, for the first few years, lol) to count mine, suggested using a blank book and jotting down 5 things each day for which I was grateful.
(talking of like attracting like, she called me just as I finished typing this sentence)
This habit of mindful gratitude can take some time to cultivate, but once you see the result, it is hard to stop!
Perhaps a blank book might make a powerful and affordable gift for someone you know who needs to find abundance in their lives.
I am thinking of stocking up, and giving them away to everyone I find who needs the chance to learn this important physical principle.
In a time when it seems harder than ever to make ends meet, the gift of abundance and thankfulness can be the most important one of all.
Wishing you and yours a 2011 filled with peace, joy and prosperity!
Brightest Blessings
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