For all the Heroes

At a time when sport, which can be HIGHLY over-rated, is paying its so-called
‘stars’ a FORTUNE every week, and fashion, which is NOT necessary, despite what
designers say, is doing the same for its ‘supermodels’, young men and women are
fighting for other people, and for their own lives.

HOW have we permitted our exquisite planet to become so FAR out of balance? I
am sitting in front of my computer, in a reasonably warm, lit room, and,
somewhere, a mother or a father is scrabbling in parched earth to try and find
something on which to feed their children.

You and I can turn on our taps and have a glass of cold water, or the hot taps
and have a bath or a shower. Somewhere, a child is walking up to eight miles,
there and back, to fetch jars of water, which are mainly undrinkable, and yet
all they have.

The terrifying greed of the citizens of the developed world for position, money,
power, and mostly POSSESSIONS is promoting child slavery in the third world, and
can be a pernicious cancerous growth within families where the children see the
advertising and WANT what they want.

Somewhere, a weary soldier is laying his, or her head on a gun barrel,
desperate for some sleep, some peace from the torment of war. A terrified
villager is hiding from those who should be part of their community, rather than
wanting to rule it, and imprison women once again. To enforce a law which has
no place in our lives or theirs.

Somewhere, a master chef is going to Forward Ops Bases, with his trainees, often
only eighteen or so, and obviously petrified. His calm is necessary, but does
this man fear for himself? If he does, he hides it well. So well. And he goes
in order that hungry troops, who burn off so many calories during the
heat-filled days, can have a fresh, HOME-COOKED meal.

It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? About complaining. About wondering
what you’re going to get someone for yule, or christmas, or whatever you
follow…..when you see film of these exhausted, hungry men and women coming
back from patrol, desperate for food, and for a change, a WONDERFUL, wonderful
change, they will have FRESH food, instead of boil in the bag, or dehydrated
rations which they would heat themselves.

Their courage is more than awe-inspiring. It is god and goddess-given. It
truly is. something more than they themselves has permitted them to serve their
country, their queen, their president. a force greater than anything.

Without any doubt, the gods that they follow, or the goddesses, are looking over
them, and reinforcing the courage which may falter at times of extreme danger,
and helping them to find the ability, within themselves, to act with care and
caution, but often to engage in acts of striking generosity, or a courage beyond
anything most of us have ever experienced, to rescue a wounded comrade.

Nor can we forget those aging men who are the final remnants of Ypres, of
Dunkirk. The courage that they showed, in the face of a different and yet
identical hell. Not for them the sophisticated weaponry of today, the IEDs.
their raw courage, at sometimes horrifyingly young ages, allowed some to make it

But the fallen are not forgotten. never, never forgotten.

They are commemorated in stone, in different countries, and also in the days of
remembrance. For Britain, our remembrance Sunday is this week. and at the
service, after all is done, the petals of poppies will fall, in their THOUSANDS.
one for each life given.

We wear a poppy in the days leading up to and including remembrance Sunday and
remembrance day – the 11th November. There will be a two minute silence for the
fallen of all wars, those gone, and those which are currently being fought. the
cannons will sound, and we will, literally, stop in our tracks, and for two
minutes we will remember those who gave US their lives, in order that we can be
who and what we are today. that we do NOT live under the rule of tyranny.
What an incredible gift. May they live in our hearts forever. May all the
troops, yours and mine, come home safely. May another war not have to be

Wishful thinking. but wouldn’t it be a gift beyond price?